Drishya Nair

PhD Student

Drishya Nair

Nitrogen is prone to losses in the form of nitrate through leaching and as gaseous N2O, NO and NH3 emissions through nitrification/denitrification and ammonification in agricultural systems. Agriculture is an important source of greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to approximately 24% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen fertilizer application is an important source of N2O emissions, which has a very high global warming potential as well as nitrate leaching, which leads to ecological imbalance of lakes and water bodies as well as pollution of groundwater leading to health hazards.

Nitrification inhibitors are compounds with the potential to reduce N2O emissions, as well as nitrate leaching from manure and fertilizer amended cropland by suppressing the activity of nitrifying bacteria and possibly archaea, thereby delaying the conversion of NH4+ to NO3-.

The aim of my PhD project is to investigate nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emission reduction potential of a nitrification inhibitor-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) at a farm scale in a grass-clover maize cropping systems in sandy soils of Denmark  

ID: 111444405