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Dorte Marie Søndergaard

dr.philos., Professor

Dorte Marie Søndergaard
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Dorte Marie Søndergaard is a professor in social psychology, DPhil. from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo 1996, and MA in psychology from the University of Copenhagen 1986. She is a member of the research programme Engage - (Dis)Engaging Children and Young People

Her main research areas include:

  1. Bullying among children in schools, new conceptualizations of bullying as a social effect of material-discursive intra-acting apparatuses (www.exbus.dk)
  2. Sexualized digital practices and becomings among young people
  3. Violent computer gaming among children
  4. Technology and human-robot-interaction (HRI) with a specific focus on the imaginaries and cultural normativity involved in robot-human interaction

Teaching areas

Supervise PhD students and teach master students at the Department of Educational Psychology.


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