Dominika Teigiserova

MSc, PhD Student

Dominika Teigiserova


The main objective of my work is to support a transition to circular economy systems by focusing on food waste and food residue as a secondary resource. Food waste is a vast resource that can be used for various product from bioenergy (like biogas) to high-value product like enzymes, but also for direct consumption such as products made from residues (chips, pulp cakes, beer from bread waste). My search integrates examples of biorefineries from scientific literature, but also companies around Europe as well as analysing various food waste definition used across the academia and institutions as well as policies in EU. I use knowledge from chemical and environmental engineering, environmental science, but also use social studies and marketing to act as a bridge to vast amount of knowledge connecting social science with engineering sciences and business sector. Moreover, I try to expand the knowledge on closing the loops in food supply chains, using concepts such as ecosystem services and strong sustainability.

This PhD is part of DECISIVE project and CBIO (centre for circular bioeconomy). The team of eco-industrial system analysis, lead by Marianne Thomsen, is integrating multidisciplinary studies to guide the future circular economy and resilient systems. If we want to create something new, let's do it the right way from the beginning.

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