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Doline Fontaine

PhD Student

Doline Fontaine


PhD title: Digestates and residues from biogas production as N and S nutrient sources in crop production in organic farming

Yields in organic crop production are way below the potential. Reasons are lack of sufficient nutrient sources and poor synchronization between nutrient availability and crop demand for specific nutrients. Anaerobic digestion (AD) of crop residues (straw, green manure, catch crops) in a biogas plant is an option to increase nutrient availability and improve plant synchrony. Biogas digestion has a potential for improving the utilization of especially nitrogen (N) and sulphur (S). To protect gas engines, gaseous sulphur is collected in biofilters, and the sulphur captured in filters can potentially be used as targeted fertilizer or returned to the digestate, but there is no information available about how sulphur is utilized by different practice. 

The main focus of my PhD study will be on what happens to S and N during anaerobic digestion process and how AD affects the fate of S and N during storage, decomposition in soil and plant uptake. 

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