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Doan Nainggolan

Senior Researcher

Doan Nainggolan


Dr Doan Nainggolan is a researcher in Ecological and Environmental Economics; affiliated to the Environmental Social Science and Geography Unit, Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University.

Doan has an academic background in natural/environmental resource management (from Indonesia and Australia) and Ecological Economics (from the United Kingdom - UK).

PhD Ecological Economics. Sustainability Research Institute (SRI), School of Earth and Environment, the University of Leeds, UK.
MA Ecological Economics (Distinction). University of Leeds, UK.
Master of Natural Resource Studies (Distinction). The University of Queensland, Australia.
Bachelor Degree in Forest Management (Cum Laude). The State University of Papua, Indonesia.

Thematically Doan's research spans natural/environmental and social sciences. He has interests and ample experience in developing and undertaking applied research with high policy relevance and insights to offer potential solutions; to inform policy development as well as planning and management of socio-environmental challenges from local to regional and global scales.

In his research, Doan employs a range of quantitative methods including econometrics, stated preference method (choice model), environmental cost benefit analysis, Input-Output models, spatial analysis and integrated environmental-economic models. He has worked with various data collection approaches and data formats including spatial data and farm and household surveys. Although primarily adopting quantitative methods, he appreciates and has some experience in qualitative approaches.

Doan has researched on the topics of climate change adaptation and mitigation, ecosystem services, renewable energy, synergies and trade-offs between different environmental objectives, water resource-land management nexus, and land use change and land degradation. Recently his research portfolio also includes urban contexts: the economics of nature based solution, patterns and socieonomic drivers of urban landcsape use.

Doan is keen on and has a solid track record in leading and partaking in interdisciplinary research endeavours. He has extensive experience undertaking research that combines socio-economic and biophysical/spatial data for integrated modelling/analysis. He has collaborated with researchers from diverse academic disciplines including agro-ecology, economics, geography, hydrology, political science and sociology.

Doan has subtantial teaching experience from Indonesia, UK and Denmark. Most recent/on-going teaching activity is for the course "Environmental Governance: Policy Processes and the Economic Dimension", offered to Biology Master students at the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University.

Doan welcomes enquiries for research collaborations, academic supervisions as well as internships.

ID: 48441175