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Dionysis Bochtis

Senior Researcher


- Bachelor’s degree in Physics (1993), School of Exact Science, Aristotle University, Greece

- M.Sc. degree in Agricultural engineering and water resources (2004). Title: “Digital control of inlet air temperature in an experimental drying system for agricultural products”, Aristotle University, School of Geotechnical Sciences, Greece

- PhD degree in Biosystems Engineering (2008). Title: “Planning and Control of a Fleet of Agricultural Machines for Optimal Management of Field Operations”, Aristotle University, School of Agriculture, Greece.

- Individual Study Project (2007). Title: “Mission planning for autonomous agricultural vehicles”, University of Copenhagen, Department of Agricultural Science, Duration 6 months.

- Courses of the undergraduate program of the School of Agriculture, Aristotle University, corresponding to 120 ECTS


- 2009/02-2011/07, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, Aarhus University, as Assistant Professor

- 2008/09-2009/01, Dept. of Agricultural Development, University of Thrace, Temporal Lecturer

- 2008/08 – 2008/10, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, as Invited Researcher

- 2008/04-2009/01, Research Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as PostDoc Researcher, (also as Researcher in period 01/2006-03-2008)

- 2007/09-2008/06, Dept. of Information and Communication, Technological Education Institute of Serres, School of Technological Implementations

- 2006/09-2009/01, Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, School of Agricultural Technology, Dept. of Plant Production

- 2006/09-2009/0, Dept. of Automation, Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, School of Technological Implementations

- 1993-2005, Jazz guitarist