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Dionysis Bochtis

Senior Researcher

Dionysis Bochtis
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I am employed as a Senior Scientist at the Department of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, joined initially the Automation and Systems Engineering research unit of the Biosystems Engineering Department as an Assistant professor (until 08/2011), and then the Operations Management group of the Mechanical Engineering division of the Department of Engineering.


Research area

Industrial Engineering focused on bio-production and related provision systems

-        Fleet Management (for conventional and autonomous field machinery)

-        Field robots - high level control aspects: mission planning, path planning, task allocation

-        Supply chain management for bio-energy bio-recourses

-        Field logistics (scheduling, area coverage planning, routing)

-        Automation and Decision Support Systems


Other functions

Supervision of Ph.D. students

-        Scientific supervisor: Hammed I.A., main supervisor: C. G. Sørensen, Aarhus University

-        Scientific supervisor: Martin Andreas Falk Jensen, main supervisor Claus G Sørensen

-        Co-supervisor: Panos Ntogoulis, main supervisor: T. Gemtos, University of Thessaly

-        Co-supervisor: Gareth Edwards, main supervisor: C. G. Sørensen, Aarhus University

-        Co-Supervisor: Torben Brøchner, principal supervisor: C. G. Sørensen, Aarhus University

-        Co-Supervisor: Kun Zhou, principal supervisor Allan Leck Jensen, Aarhus University


Main courses of the Biosystems Engineering master education program I am currently involved include

        Optimization and Decision Systems, M.Sc. course

-        Supply Chain Management, M.Sc. course

-        Automated vehicles in plant production, Ph.D course

-        Operations management in bio-production, Ph.D course

Board memberships

-        President of CIOSTA (Commission Internationale de l'Organisation Scientifique du Travail en Agriculture, Founded in Paris, 1950) for the period 2011-2013   

-        Representative of the Hellenic Society of Agricultural Engineers  in  EurAgEng  ( European Society of Agricultural Engineers) from June 2012     

-        2011-2014. Board member of the International commission of agricultural and biosystems engineering (CIGR section V: system management)

-        2009-2011. Board Member of the Greek agricultural engineering society (GrAgEng-Greek Branch of the EuAgEng)

-        Member in the Editorial Board of Biosystems Engineering Journal

-        Member in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Agricultural Management

-        Member in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems


European Society of Agricultural Engineers Outstanding Paper Award 2012, for the paper: “The vechicle routing problem in field logistics: Part II” by D.D. Bochtis and C.G. Sørensen. Announced at CIAGR-AgEng2012, Valencia, Spain   

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