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Diana González Martin

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Diana González Martin


I have a degree in Hispanic Philology (2003, Autònoma University Barcelona) and a Ph.D. in Performing Arts (2009, Theatre Institut Barcelona). In 2011 I was hired by the AU research project The Novelized Memory as a postdoc to carry out research on cultural memory studies mainly applied to Spain's recent violent past. After teaching a wide range of topics at AU, from Spanish and Latin American Literature, History and Society, through Globalisation Studies and Cultural Memory and Identity in Europe, to digital social networks and social movements throughout Latin America, merging aesthetics, ethics, social sciences, performance theory and anthropology, I am convinced that to explore ourselves and the world deeply we need to constantly move across disciplines. My main interests now in research are, on one hand, focused on exploring social movements worldwide and, on the other hand, on finding out alternative ways of remembrance in Europe that let us live together in inclusive and cohesive societies. From Latin American thinkers and social movements' spokespersons I have learned the importance of rethinking history and modernity through the critical and creative eyes of decolonial thinking. This has changed my mind radically and forever.

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