Daniela Grimm

MD, Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Personal data:  Associate Prof. Daniela Gabriele Grimm, Department of Biomedicine, Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Targeting Group, Aarhus University, Høegh-Guldbergsgade 10, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. Mobile:21379702; E-mail: dgg@biomed.au.dk; http://www.grimm-space-research.com/
  2. Education: Study of Human Medicine and Medical Doctor University of Würzburg (Approbation 24.06.1988, Medical Doctor 19.06.1989). Specialist, consultant: Clinical Pharmacology (Medical Association Berlin, 20.03.2007) and Internal Medicine (Medical Association Berlin, 20.08.2003). 28.10.2004: Habilitation, Venia Legendi in Internal Medicine, Charité-Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany – Privatdozentin
  3. Current and most recent employment:Since 01.07.2011: Guest scientist and group leader at the Clinic for Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery, Otto-von-Guericke-University (OVGU) Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany. 01.09.2011-31.08.2017: Professor MSO Space Medicine, Biomedicine, AU, Aarhus, Denmark. Since 01.01.2016–ongoing Guest Professor for Gravitational Biology and Translational Regenerative Medicine, OVGU Magdeburg, Germany, Since 01.09.2017 Associate Professor for Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Targeting, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University
  4. Other scientific qualifications 1. Peer-reviewer for 34 int. journals (e. g. Nature Cancer Rev., FASEB J, Hypertension, Scientific Rep., Proteomics), 2. Scientific Reports: Editor for Cancer and Guest Editor for the Collection ‘Gravitational biology and space medicine’; International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS): Editor for Molecular Oncology as well as Guest Editor for four special issues (Current Knowledge in Thyroid Cancer-From Bench to Bedside published in 2017; Cell and Molecular Biology of Thyroid Disorders 1.0 published in 2019; Cell and Molecular Biology of Thyroid Disorders 2.0 open until December 15, 2019 and Multikinase Inhibitors and Cancer open until April 30, 2020). 3. Reviewer for ESA International AO-Proposals, NWO, the Dutch research council, Swiss National Science Foundation, Health Research Board Ireland, Sheikh Hamdan Awards for Medical Sciences, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Velux Fonden Switzerland, since 2016 and Fondazione Pisa, Italy, since 2016. 4. Member of ESA Topical Team: Advanced Compound Microscopy (from Molecules to Organism Morphology) and ESA Topical Team: Tissue healing in microgravity 5. Professor of the Space Life Sciences PhD-School Cologne, Germany (Dr. Ganna Aleshcheva (graduated 2015) and Dr. Elisabeth Warnke (graduated 2018) both were members of the PhD School); https://www.dlr.de/me/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-7891/ 6. Patents: Patent Number(s): DE102006039646-A1 7. Published 163 peer-reviewed papers (Biomaterials, Seminars in Cancer Biology, FASEB J, Scientific Reports, IJMS, Circulation Res, Hypertension, etc), H-index 45. Google Scholar
  5. Academic awards and honors:7.07.2015: ISS R&D Conference Award for significant scientific results: growing thyroid cancer cells in orbit to determine new courses of treatment.
  6. Management experience, including experience with project management and being head of research projects: Since May 1 1999, I became the leader of the working group ‘Molecular Pharmacology and Tumor Biology’ at the Inst. of Clin. Pharmacology and Toxicology, Charité University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany. In 2008, I started as group leader in Aarhus. Since that time, I am the head of an international working group at AU and at the Charité and later at OVGU. In addition, I was the PI of the Sino-German Space Mission Simbox/Shenzhou-8 (2011), the SpaceX CRS-3 CellBox-1 mission in 2014; SpaceX CRS-8 ESA-SPHEROIDS mission in 2016; SpaceX CRS-12 Cellbox-2 mission in December 2017, TEXUS sounding rocket flights (TX-52, TX-53 and TX-54) and a large number of Parabolic Flight Campaigns since 2008.

7. Grants (PI Daniela Grimm): 2011-2017 BMWi grants 50WB1124 and 50WB1524 = 1.915.222,31 €; ESA CORA-GBF grants: 193.000,00€; June 7, 2013: Ministeriet for Forskning, Innovation og Videregående Uddannelser – PR activities ESOF and Cellbox-1 ISS Mission; 123.872 DKK; PRODEX project: 472.549,00€. The total sum from 2011-2017 is 2.597.379,31€

In 2019 the DLR BMWi grant 50WB1924 started: 685.752,36€

8.     Scientific focus areas: Molecular pharmacology and drug targeting; Basic and clinical pharmacology (cardiovascular pharmacology, clinical trials, cancer therapy); Cancer research; Translational medicine (tissue engineering, wound healing); Angiogenesis; Cellular Biology and Space Life Sciences; Space Research and Space Medicine (Parabolic/rocket flights, space missions, devices to simulate microgravity, vibration, hypergravity)

9.     Supervision of students

A Doctoral Theses 1. Freie Universität Berlin:  4 ‘Dr. med. vet.’ students graduated, and 1 PhD student graduated; 2. Charité Berlin: 4 students ‘Dr. med.’ graduated, 3. Aarhus University: 1 PhD student graduated and 4 students ‘Dr. rer. medic’ from OVGU Magdeburg: 1 MD graduated and 3 Dr. rer. med. Students graduated.

B Master thesis: Aarhus University: 3 Master students graduated, and OVGU: 1 student

C Diploma thesis: 2 students at the Charité Berlin

D Bachelor thesis: 2 students from Science and Technology, Aarhus University

E Research year: 2 students at Aarhus University

F Team at OVGU and AU: I am currently leading a team with 3 postdocs (Dr. M. Wehland, Dr. M. Krüger, Dr. S. Kopp), two Dr. rer. medic. students (D. Melnik, MSc, M. Nassef, MSc), two PhD students (J. Sahana, MSC and T. Bauer, MSc), 4 medical students (C. Buken, D. Dietrichs, P. Steinwerth, S. Gilger), 2 master students (C.B. Legarth, O.V. Ancker), one Bachelor student (T. Hybel) and 3 Bachelor project students (K. Rafiqi, A. Povlsen, S. Lambæk Knudsen).