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Daniel Charles Thomas

PhD Student

Daniel Charles Thomas


Ph.D. Project: Using drones to measure the vertical distribution of short-lived climate forces in the High Arctic

Ph.D. Supervisors: Henrik Skov, Andreas Massling, Ulrich Gosewinkel

Master's Degree: MSci in Physics, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Specialisation in Quantum, Atomic and Nuclear Physics.


The Arctic is a region experiencing twice the rate of warming as the global average, leading to a quickly changing climate and environment. A significant cause is thought to be anthropogenic aerosols that pollute the Arctic atmosphere. However, as of yet the vertical profiles of these climate forcers in the High Arctic have not been well documented.

Ph.D. Aim:

My research focus is on black carbon and other short-lived climate forcers in the High Arctic. Vertical profiles of black carbon concentration and particle number will be measured using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). From this, radiative forcing can be investigated, leading to an understanding of to what extent these aerosols are affecting the climate.


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