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Claus Bossen

Associate professor

My research interests focus on IT in healthcare right from design over development to implementation. IT and especially electronic patient records have a central role in the visions for the health care sector to become more efficient and deliver higher quality in Denmark, other European countries and the USA. My interests concern how to design, develop and implement it in healthcare to achieve intended goals by reconfiguring actors, practices, organisation and technologies. Furthermore, I am interested in the intended and unintended - desireable and undesirable - outcomes of these reconfigurations which redistribute tasks, responsibility and accountability.

As a trained anthropologist (I did my Ph.D. on tourism and national and ethnic identities in Fiji) my primary mode of working is through ethnographic studies at hospital wards, it-departments end the like.

Keywords: Actor-network theory, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), health care, hospitals, organisations, organisational change, participatory design, symbolic interactionism, user-driven innovation