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Christoffer Granhøj Borring

PhD Student

Christoffer Granhøj Borring


Christoffer conducts research into interprofessional collaboration and into the way in which different professionals collaborate on coping with complex social problem definitions at school. In his PhD project, ”Tværprofessionelt samarbejde om børn i vanskeligheder i skolen” (Interprofessional collaboration about children in difficulties at school), Christoffer investigates interprofessional collaboration at school, when pedagogical and psychological counselling (PPR) is involved for the purpose of supporting teachers and pedagogues in their work with the development of inclusive learning communities, i.e. when focus is removed from the individual child to communities.

Christoffer’s research takes its point of departure in the understanding that professionals will have different perspectives on problem definitions at school, but they also have different opportunities and conditions with respect to participation in interprofessional collaboration. Christoffer conceptualize interprofessional collaboration related to inclusion in school as connected to historical developed organizational conditions as well as to personal and situated ways of participating.

The PhD-project follows teachers, pedagogues and PPR professionals’ everyday life at school and investigates what characterises the collaboration between the parties of school and PPR, when collaboration is experienced as relevant, and what collaborative processes and conditions that constitute barriers for the work on the development of inclusive learning communities.

Graduating from DPU, Christoffer holds a Master of Education in pedagogical psychology, and as of 1 January 2020, he has been a PhD student at UCL and DPU.


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