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Christof Pearce

PhD, Associate Professor

Christof Pearce
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My research focuses on the reconstruction of past climate in the Arctic during the last deglaciation and the present Holocene interglacial period. My main interest and motivation is to investigate how the ongoing recent changes relate to natural variability in the past. My expertise lies in the analysis of marine sediments to reconstruct the history of ice conditions, both ice sheets on land and variability of sea ice. I use a wide variety of methods, mostly micropaleontology (diatoms) and organic geochemistry (biomarkers). 

One of my key interests is chronology, and I am currently running several projects dealing with improving the age control of sediment records. For this I apply mostly radiocarbon dating, tephrochronology (volcanic ash layers as time markers), and various anthropogenic markers in recent stratigraphy.  

I am course responsible and main teacher for the BSc course "Oceans and Climate" and a co-teacher in the MSc course "Geoscience and Sustainability". 

Besides the Department of Geoscience, I am affiliated to the Arctic Research Centre and iClimate, Aarhus University. 

I am a member of the Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate Research Group

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