Christian Morberg Wejse

Associate Professor, Staff Specialist

Curriculum Vitae


December 31, 1969 in Thisted, Denmark



Harlev Kirkevej 11, Denmark. Tel. +45-51944519



Social status:

Married, 4 children born in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2007



Baccalaurate, Frederikshavn Gymnasium. Frederikshavn 1989

Diploma in medical research, University of Aarhus 1998                

M.D. University of Aarhus, 1999

PhD University of Aarhus, 2007

DTM&H (Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene), Johns Hopkins University 2010

6 months researchstay (sabbatical) at The Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne University 2019



Department of infectious diseases

Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

Brendstrupgårdsvej, 8200 Århus N, Denmark

Phone: +45-89498492        Fax: +45-89498490




1999-2001: Internship Århus Amtssygehus

2001-2002: Randers, internal medicine 16 months, constituted senior registrar.

2002-2003: Skejby, infectious diseases 12 months

2003-2006: PhD student at University of Aarhus/ Dep. of infectious diseases, Skejby

The first two years collecting data at a field site in West Africa

2007-2007: Registrar, dep of Clinical Microbiology, Aarhus University Hospital

2007-2009: Senior registrar, Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

2009-2010: Senior registrar, Dep. of Internal Medicine, Randers

2010-2013: Senior registrar, Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby


Scientific activities

1997-1998: ”Research year” at Department of Clinical Microbiology, and Department of Pediatrics,

Aarhus University Hospital.

2003-2005: PhD student at Bandim Health Project, Guinea Bissau

2005-2007: Junior research fellow, Infectious Disease research unit, Aarhus University hospital.

2007: PhD thesis defended


Supervisor roles:

PhD projects:

1.“Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) as a Marker of Tuberculosis Treatment Efficacy and Potential Prognostic marker for Survival in Individuals with a TB negative Diagnosis.” MSc Paulo Rabna, Bandim Health Project, Guinea Bissau. PhD defended University of Copenhagen 24/2 2009.

2.“Children exposed to tuberculosis at home: impact on mortality, diagnostic perspectives and the effect of using chemoprophylaxis in Guinea-Bissau.” Dr, MSc, Victor Gomes, Bandim Health Project, University of Copenhagen, PhD thesis defended 15/4 2010.

 3.“ Implementation of HIV Programme in Guinea-Bissau - Setting up the West African Retrovirus and Acquired ImmuneDeficiency Cohort study”. Dr. Inés Oliveira Souto, Galicia, Spain. PhD, University of Copenhagen 2007-10. Defended Nov 17 2010.

4.” The Bandim TBscore - reliability, further development and evaluation of potential uses”Frauke Rudolf, MD PhD, Aarhus University 2009-13. Defended May 13, 2013

5. “Isoniazid or Rifampicin and Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for children exposed to Tuberculosis – the IRIPT trial”. Grethe Lemvik, Århus university 2010-14. Defended Sept 2014.

6. “PI Or NNRTI as first-line HIV treatment in a West African population with low adherence and high HIV-2 prevalence – the PIONA trial”. Sanne Jespersen, Århus University 2010-15. Defended Sept 2015.

7. "Long term morbidity of Schistosoma haematobium in relation to praziquantel treatment in sub-Saharan Africa”. Chalotte Stecher, Aarhus University 2013-17. Defended May 2017

8. ”Markers to determine the difference between latent and active tuberculosis”. Andreas Fløe Nielsen, Aarhus University 2014-17

9. ”T and B cell phenotype and genetic predictors of survival in HIV-1, HIV-2 and dually infected patients in a West African cohort”.Bo Hønge, Aarhus University 2015-18 Defended 23/10-18

10. “Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome and Potential to Improve Treatment Success Rates in Denmark”.Inge Kirstine Holden, Southern Danish University, 2015-18.

11. “A life course approach to the changing health in migrants”.Andreas Eiset, Aarhus University 2016-20

12. ”Impact of refugee health assessment in Denmark”.Anne Mette Fløe Hvass, Aarhus Universitet 2016-18.

13. ”Treatment adherence and health literacy among HIV-infected in Guinea Bissau and African HIV-infected in Denmark”.Charlotte Dyrehave, Aarhus University 2016-20.

14. “Treating tomorrow’s tuberculosis today: Targeting Latent Tuberculosis Infection in high-incidence subgroups of a low-incidence setting”. Nina Breinholt Stærke, Aarhus Universitet 2016-19

15. ”Understanding host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis: lessons from Mycobacterium africanum”. Baltazar Cá, University of Porto 2016-19

16. ”NUtritional supplement TRial on TB patients to Improve Anthropometry and Treatment Outcome (NUTRIATO)”.  Cecilie Blenstrup Patsche, Aarhus University 2017-2021

17. ”Personalized tuberculosis risk profile in a prospective cohort study in Denmark”. Anne Ahrens Østergaard, Syddansk Universitet 2018-21


Master thesis and research years:

1.”Genetic risk factors for tuberculosis in Africa”, MSc for medical student Rikke Olesen, University of Aarhus 2005-6.

2.“Prevalence of tuberculosis in a low-resource setting”, MSc for medical student Morten Bjerregaard-Andersen, University of Aarhus 2006-7. 

3.”Use of procalcitonin for deciding duration of treatment in suspected pneumonia in hospitalized patients”, Msc for Kristina Bak Kristoffersen, University of Aarhus 2006-7. 

4.”Clinical follow-up and analysis of outcome in a group of patients presenting in Bissau with suspected TB, unconfirmed on screening”. Dr. Inés Oliveira Souto, Galicia, Spain. Master of Tropical Epidemiology 2005, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

5.“Targetting hidden tuberculosis in a high-burden setting”MS Anders Porskrog. MSc, University of Aarhus 2007-8

6.“Inter-observer determination of the TBscore”MS Frauke Rudolf, MSc, University of Aarhus 2008-9

7.“Optimizing identification of tuberculosis among clinically suspected in a low resource setting”. MS Mette Morre Aabenhus, MSc, University of Aarhus 2008-9

8.”Adherence to HIV treatment in a West African cohort of HIV patients”.MSc for Dlama Rasmussen, Southern Denmark University 2009-10.

9. “Delay affects clinical severity of tuberculosis”. Jakob Virenfeldt, MSc, University of Aarhus 2010-11.

10. “Diabetes prevalence among TB patients, TB suspects and healthy controls in Guinea Bissau.” Thorny Haraldsdottir, MSc, University of Aarhus 2010-11

11. “Immune activation in HIV-2 vs HIV-1 in a West African HIV cohort”. Magnus Bjarnasson, Research year, University of Aarhus 2010-11

12. “Hepatitis B and C prevalence in a West African HIV cohort”. Bo Hønge, MSc, University of Aarhus 2011-12

13. “Clinical presentation and comorbidity in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infected patients in Guinea-Bissau”.Allan Sørensen, MSc, University of Copenhagen, 2012-13

14. ”Assessing adherence in a West African HIV cohort”. Nurse Charlotte Dyrehave, Master in health-anthropology 2012-13 

15. “Predicting mortality in Tuberculosis suspects using applicable methods in low resource settings”. Alina-Jule Wagner, MSc Aarhus university 2012-13

16. “Mental illness as risk factor for tuberculosis patients”. Lena Larsson, MSc Aarhus University 2013-14

17. “Loss-to-follow-up in a West African HIV cohort”. Pernille Bejer Nordentoft, MSc Aarhus University 2013-14

18.“Diagnostic utility of a clinical score and point of access tests for tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients in Guinea-Bissau”.Johanna Aunsborg, MSc Aarhus University 2013-14

19. ”What is the impact of nutritional status on tuberculosis risk?”.Cecilie Patsche, MSc, Aarhus University 2014-15

20. “HIV prevalence survey at a Demographic Surveillance Site in Guinea Bissau”.Jens Steen Olesen, MSc Aarhus University 2014-15

21. “Prevalence and impact of Cytomegalovirus co-infection among HIV patients in Guinea Bissau”. Helene Grønborg, MSc, Aarhus University 2015-16.

22. “Cause of death among tuberculosis patients in Guinea Bissau”. Astrid Kühle, MSc, Aarhus University 2015-16

23. Impaired fasting glucose, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrom among HIV infected patients in Guinea-Bissau – an upcoming double burden of disease.Ditte Steiniche, MSc, Aarhus University 2015-16

24.Does vaccinia vaccination induce long-term down regulation of the HIV co-receptor CCR5 on the surface of peripheral T-lymphocytes?Kirstine Beck, MSc, Aarhus University 2015-16

25. Identification of Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis and Pneumonia in NICU Incubator Infants in Guinea-Bissau.Christian Golding, Aarhus University 2016-17

26.Cause of death and mortality risk factors in TB patients in a low incidence setting.Maria Søndermølle, Aarhus University 2016-2017

27. Mortality and cause of death in HIV-infected patients in Guinea-Bissau. Thomas Engell-Sørensen. Aarhus University 2017-18

28. ”Hypertension in tuberculosis patients in a high incidence area- a double-burden of disease study”.Anneline Seegert Aarhus University 2017-18

29. ”Partnernotification of HIV infected in Bissau”. MSc Tina Madsen, AU 2017-18.

30. ”Lymph node tuberculosis”. MSc Victor Dahl Mathiasen, AU 2017-18

31. “Sex-differences in diagnosis of tuberculosis”. MSc Victor Hvingelby, AU 2018-19

32. ”Is the risk of tuberculosis affected by the maternal response to BCG?”. Forskningsår Mathilde Mulvad, AU 2019-20

33. ”Eosinophilia and IgE increase in newly arrived refugees in Aarhus”. Forskningsår Kamilla Lanng, AU 2019-20

34. ”Health seeking behaviour among migrant patients prior to admission at an emergency ward”. Forskningsår Theis Bock AU 2019-20


Research methodology assignments for medical students: Supervisor and censor of 8 assignments (2008, 2009(2), 2010 (2), 2011 (3)).


Grants received:

2003-2006: Aarhus University, PhD scholarship: The role of vitamin D in pathogenesis and treatment of TB

2003-2005: Grant no.91163, Danish Research Council for Development Research: “The role of vitamin D in pathogenesis and treatment of TB.” 1 mio. Dkr.

2004-2007: “SuPARnostics - Establishing a TB Treatment Efficacy Marker” EU application (FP6-2003-LIFESCIHEALTH-3). 300.000 Euro for Specific Support Action.

2007-2009: Lundbeck Foundation: The West African Retrovirus and Aquired Immune Deficiency cohort study.1 mill. Dkr.

2009-2014: Conduct of ICH-GCP level Phase II TB vaccine trials in high risk populations in Africa, EDCTP bevilling (IP.2007.32080.001),site capacity building for TB vaccine trials in collaboration with SSI and AHRI Ethiopia, 685,000€ allocated for Bissau.

2010-2013: “JP.2009.10800.06, Improved diagnosis and prognostic tools to combat tuberculosis in high endemic area”,EDCTP capacity building in collaboration with partners in Sweden and Ethiopia, 83.000€ allocated for Bissau and Aarhus.

2011-2016: ”IeDEA West-Africa HIV cohort collaboration”. NIH Grant #8300745, USD110,000 for the Bissau HIV cohort

2012: ”Subregional Partnership on Infectious Diseases”. Inter-university seed funding for establishing TB network, Hamburg, Kiel, Odense and Aarhus, 20.000€ 2013-14.

2014: MSc Scholarship Cecilie Patsche. Lundbeckfoundation, 120.000 Dkr 2014-15

2015: EUopSTART grant for EDCTP application for aHIV-2 trial. Danish Research Council for Health and Disease 75.000 Dkr 2015

2015: MSc Scholarship Astrid Kühle. Danish Research Council for Health and Disesase 150.000 kr

2015: Novo Nordisk Foundation: 845.000 Dkr for ”Clinical scoring tool for point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis - ClinPOC-TB”ref nr NNF15OC0018034.

2016: Danish Regions Grant for Medical treatments: 996.000 kr for “Treating tomorrow’s tuberculosis today: Targeting Latent Tuberculosis Infection in high-incidence subgroups of a low-incidence setting”

2017: Danish Medical Research Council: 144.000 Dk for “Hypertension in tuberculosis patients in a high incidence area: a double-burden of disease study”. MSc Scholarship for Anneline Seegert. Ref DFF - 7025-00009

2017: Novo Nordisk Foundation: 150.000 Dkr “Sex-differences in tuberculosis diagnosis - female underdiagnosis or immunological superiority?” Ref no NNF17OC0029872


2016: Medicines for People award (by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines)

GCP experience: 

A two day GCP course on investigator initiated drug trials completed June 2006.

Primary investigator on vitamin D trial Bissau 2003-06 (GCP guidelines followed, but no monitoring was available). 

Co-investigator and primary GCP responsible investigator on suPAR trial Bissau 2004-07, establishing monitoring capacities at DSS and trial site in Bissau.

2011: Completed NIH Webtraining course on ethics involving human research participants.

Reviewer assignments: 

Journal manuscript reviews: Thorax (juni 2006, Juni 2011, juli 2011), JID (okt 2007, juni 2009), TRSTMH (Feb, Aug 2008), Lancet (Oct 2008, sept 2013), AJRCCM (Apr 2009), UFL (juni 2009, nov 2010, Feb 2012, jan 2015, Dec 2017), BMJ (Aug 2009, Okt 2011, Aug+Okt 2015, Feb 2017), BullWHO (Sept 2009, Mar 2011), IJTLD (Oct 2009, Feb 2013, Sept 2014, Maj 2015, Feb 2016, Dec 2017), TMIH (April 2010 + Aug 2014, Sept 2014), CEI (Maj 2010), ExpRevClinPharm (Mar 2011), Nutrition J (Juni 2011), ScandJInfect Dis (Jan + Nov 2012, Maj 2014), AJCN (Feb 2012, Jan 2014, Jun 2015), ISRN AIDS (Mar + Maj + Aug + Okt, Dec 2012, Apr+Juni+Juli 2013), BMC Inf Dis (Maj + Okt 2012, Juli 2015), BMC PulmDis (Aug 2012), IntJInfectDis (Nov 2012, Apr+Maj+Juli 2013, Jan+July+Nov 2014, Jan 2016), TubResTreatm (Jan 2013), IntJDiabDevCountr (Feb 2013), JIMH (Oct 2013), GlobalHealthAction (Nov 2013) PlosOne (Dec 2013), ERJ (Apr 2014), Lung India (Apr 2014, Jun 2017) OFID (July 2014+Maj2016), Lancet Global Health (Nov 2014, Dec 2016), Lancet Resp Med (Mar 2015), Infection (Mar 2015, Jan 2018), CID (Sept 2015+Juli 2016), ScandJPubHealth (Okt 2015), BMC Med (Dec 2016), J Infection (Feb 2016), Lancet HIV (Apr 2016), CMI (Aug 2016, Dec 2017), JIAS (Sept 2016), Respiration (Oct 2016), MycobactDis (Feb 2017), MJHID (Aug 2017), BMCMed (Sept 2017), ECRJ (Oct 2017), PLoSNeglTropDis (Dec 2017), JInternMed (Jan 2018).

Grant reviews: 

2009: Member of international evaluation committee for Health Research Board of Ireland, Clinical Scientist Award, midterm evaluation of major TB grant.

2011: Reviewer Irish Health Research Awards proposal

2014: ESCMID Research Grant 2014 proposal evaluator.


PhD thesis reviews:

2011: Copenhagen University: Tuberculosis Epidemiology in Denmark 1992-2006 by Zaza Kamper-Jørgensen.

2012: Copenhagen University: ” The role of diabetes for TB risk, manifestations, treatment outcomes and survival”, by Daniel Faurholt-Jepsen

2013: University of Copenhagen: “Diagnosis, treatment and cause-specific mortality among HIV patients in Denmark, 1995-2010”, by Marie Helleberg

2014: Head of PhD assessment committee, University of Aarhus. ”Serum concentrations of antituberculous drugs” by Julie Prahl.

2014: Head of PhD assessment committee, University of Aarhus.”Sexual behavior in the general young population in Denmark – factors associated with sexual risk behaivor”, by Marianne Johansson Jørgensen

2014: Head of PhD assessment committee, University of Aarhus: “Maternal bereavement in the antenatal period and congenital anomalies in the offspring - Studies within the national registries of Denmark 1978-2008” by Katja Glejsted Ingstrup

2015: University of Copenhagen, “The Role of CCL3L and HLA-G Genetics in HIV-Infection – with Focus on Survival and CD4 T Cell Recovery in Two Study Cohorts” by Margit Hørup Larsen

2015: University of Copenhagen: “Host Immunity to Tuberculosis in Greenland” by Sascha Wilk Michelsen 

2016: University of Copenhagen: “Analysis of immune responses and regulatory T cells in tuberculosis”, by Martha Zewdie Gebeyehu.

2016: University of Copenhagen: “Interferon Gamma Release Assays in Denmark, population-based studies from a tuberculosis low-incidence country”, by Thomas Hermansen

2018: University of Copenhagen: “Mycobacterium tuberculosis challenges in a low-burden country” by Mathias Klok Pedersen.



2007 - 12      Board member, Danish Research Network for International Health 

2007 -           Member of Scientific Monitoring Board, Bandim Health Project

2008 -           Chair of scientific advisory board of the Bandim HIV cohort of Guinea Bissau

2010-            Leader of PoRT, “Populationbased Research on TB”, a working group within the INDEPTH network conduction cross-site TB research in HDSS settings.

2011-13        Head of Local Organising Committee for 30thAnnual Meeting NSCMID Aarhus 2013

2011-13        Board Member of Nordic Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

2012:             Member of National Board of Health committee for Health Technology Assessment on rotavirus, lead author of evaluation. 

2012-14        Editor, ISRN AIDS

2012:-           Member of IeDEA West Africa Executive committee

2012-:           Member of Global Health Minders thinktank

2014:             Co-editor Special issue on Tuberculosis, International Journal of Infectious Diseases

2015:             Member of editorial board INFECTION (Springer)

2016:             Co-director GeoSentinel Site Aarhus

2018:            Member of national medicine council for HIV



2009: Invited speaker, 19thInternational Congress of Nutrition, Bangkok Oct 4-9, Symposium on “Nutrition and Infection, Inflammation and the Immune System – Update on Impact and Mechanism”

2010: Chairman, conference organizer, INDEPTH conference on cross-site TB research, Kisumu, Kenya

2011: Invited speaker, 28thScientific Meeting of Nordic Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Reykjavik Aug 18-21. “New approaches to combat the global tuberculosis epidemic”

2011: Invited speaker, INDEPTH 11thScientific Conference, Maputo Oct 24-27. “Where can Health and Demographic Surveillance Sites contribute to move the TB agenda?”

2013: Invited speaker: Danish Society of Infectious Diseases annual meeting: “Infectious disease research in Guinea Bissau.”

2013: Invited speaker: Eur Congress of Trop Med Int Health (ECTMIH) Cph Sept 12: ”Improved case-finding in resource constrained settings”

2013: Invited speaker: TBornotTB symposium Borstel Sept 19-20: “TB elimination – a possible goal?”

2014: Invited speaker ECCMID, Barcelona: ”Misinterpretation of symptoms and overlooked illnesses in migrants”

2015: Invited speaker: IUATLD, Cape Town: “Use of the simple biomarker suPAR to assess severity of TB disease and to monitor treatment.”

2016: Invited speaker: Salzburg ASPHER seminar on Migrant & Minority Health: “Infectious Diseases in migrant populations.”

2016: Invited speaker: ECCMID Amsterdam: “Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria in migrants”. 

2019: Invited speaker: ECCMID Amsterdam: “Meet the expert: Caring for complex migrant patients”



2002- present: Theoretical and clinical lectures for medical students, Aarhus University

2005:             Aarhus Nursing Academy: Graduate course in pulmonary infections

2008:             Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. Master course in infectious disease

2009-10:       Region Midt, course for hygiene responsible staff: Tuberculosis hygiene

2009 - 11:     Course leader. Aarhus University (AU) /School of medicine. Elective module (4 weeks) on global infectious diseases, medical students 

2010:             Johns Hopkins University: Staff meeting on TB and vitamin D

2010-18:       External lecturer. AU/ Molecular Medicine: Course on immune-mediated diseases

2011-12:          Lecturer. Aarhus University Hospital (AUH). Post graduate training for bioanalists in infectious diseases.

2012-19:          Lecturer, AUH / Various departmental staff meetings (endocrinology, ENT, urology, dermatology, pulmonology, clinical microbiology etc): TB, HIV, hygiene, influenza, procalcitonin, migrant health.

2013-15           Lecturer, National board of health: Orthopedics trainees specialist course Antibiotics, diagnostics, HIV, TB, MRSA. 

2013:             Course leader. Accra, Univ of Ghana PhD course in research methods. 1 week, 

2013-15:       Course leader: AU Summer school in global health, 3 week course. (5 ECTS) 

2013-18           Lecturer, AU / School of Medicine. Elective course in Arctic Health, Aarhus:         TB epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. 

2013:               Lecturer, AU / Faculty of Health, Aarhus: Elective course on bioethics: Global Health bioethics.

2013-18           Lecturer. Danish Armed Forces. HIV and TB in global perspectives. Two day seminar for military physicians

2014-18        Courseleader. AU / Public Health Science: ”Health and Disease” (10 ECTS). 

2016-19           Courseleader. AU / Summer School in Clinical Global Infectious Diseases              (3 w, 5 ECTS)

2016-19           Courseleader. AU / School of Medicine. International semester: Perspectives on culture and ethics, migration and global health.

2016-19           Lecturer. AU / School of Medicine. Inflammatory semester. Tropical Medicine

2016-19           Lecturer. AUH. Introductory course for new staff (biannually). Influenza and TB

2016-19           Lecturer, National board of health: Plastic surgery trainees specialist course. Noma,  Buruli Ulcer and Lepra

2016-19           Lecturer. National board of health. Acute medicine trainees specialist course. Management of migrant patients in the ER.

2017                Lecturer. National board of health. Pediatric odontology specialist course. Infections among refugee children

2017                Lecturer. Swedish National board of health / National Tuberculosis Day: Management of clinical databases within TB care

2018                Lecturer. European Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Post graduate course on infections among migrants: Management of TB among migrants

2018              Lecturer. National board of health. Ear Nose Throat trainees specialist course. Mycobacterial infections. HIV.