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Christian O. Christiansen

PhD, Associate professor

Visiting hours: tuesdays 14-15


Research areas - supplementary information: 

American economic and political intellectual history (ca. 1870 until today); ideas about a social and humane capitalism, including ideas of CSR and business ethics; the intellectual history of organizational and management ideas; global inequality; history of social and economic human rights; intellectual history of the United Nations; methodology of intellectual history, especially the study of economic intellectual history. 

In October 2014 I started working on my second post.doc.-project: "From Global Social Rights to Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Intellectual History of Two Alternative Responses to Global Inequality, 1970-2000". Global social and economic rights have lost their grip on the global agenda since the 1970s, whereas global CSR has gone from being marginal to being a central paradigm for how to think about social and economic development. (Read more about this project here: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/projects/fra-globale-sociale-rettigheder-til-virksomheders-sociale-ansvar-en-komparativ-idehistorie-om-to-alternative-svar-paa-global-ulighed-19702000(68d04d2b-bb2f-493a-8fcf-231474629c67).html.

Starting in September 2019, I will be Principal Investigator of the project 'An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015.' The project is a comparative conceptual and intellectual history of global inequality, focusing on Ghana, India, Argentina, and the US. The project investigates the relationship between location and views upon global/international economic inequality.