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Christian O. Christiansen

PhD, Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

1980: Born in Sallingsund

2000: Mathematical Student, Skive Gymnasium

2000-2002: Two years undergraduate studies of Political Science, Aarhus University 

2002-2005: BA-student in History of Ideas, Aarhus University

2005 (summer semester): Studies in philosophy, University of Hamburg, Germany

2005-: MA-student in History of Ideas

2007-: Ph.d.-student  (4+4 programme), History of Ideas 

2009: MA, History of Ideas

2011: PhD, History of Ideas

2011-2014: Post.doc. & assistant professor, Institute for Culture and Society (project supported by the velux-foundation) 

2014-2016: Post.doc., Institute for Culture and Society (project supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research)

2016-: Associate Professor, History of Ideas, Institute for Culture and Society

2019-: Principal Investigator, An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015

2021-2022: Carlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship

Curriculum Vitae