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Christian Friis Børsting

PhD, Senior Advisor

Christian Friis Børsting



My research area covers nutrition and physiology of cattle with focus on animal production, nutrient utilization, nutrient excretion and impact of animal production on climate and environment. The research activities include:

  • Nutrition and feeding strategies which support a high productivity and a low environmental impact of dairy cows

  • Feeding strategies for dairy cows with low content of roughage
  • Effect of diet on methane emission

I have a major task in giving scientifically based advice to authorities (Myndgihedsberedskab) about effects of livestock production on climate and environment. I also teach in courses for bachelor and master students about effects of livestock production on climate and environment.

Ongoing projects

Manure Standards: http://anis.au.dk/aktuelt/nyheder/vis/artikel/udvikling-af-nyt-faelles-system-til-goedningsregnskab-til-oestersoelandene/

Feeding dairy cows with low content of roughage: https://www.landbrugsinfo.dk/Kvaeg/Foder/Sider/Kn-18-Kan_koeer_undvaere_grovfoder.aspx

Reduced climate impact of dairy production on cow and farm level

Feeding and phenotype of the climate efficient dairy cow (FF-KO)

Fiber loop. Bedding for dairy cows – use of bio acidified slurry fibers and heat treated slurry fibers as an alternative to sand or fresh slurry fibers: https://mst.dk/erhverv/groen-virksomhed/groent-udviklings-og-demonstrationsprogram-gudp/gudp-projekter/2017-projekter/bioforsuret-gyllefiberstroeelse-til-kvaegstalde-med-bakteriehaemning-og-ammoniakreduktion-fiberloop/

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