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Chiara De Notaris


Chiara De Notaris


Research interest

I am passionate about agroecology and its potential for helping us reach many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

My research focus is on the use of legumes, cover crops and crop rotations for optimized carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling in agroecosystems, with diversification being one important key aspect. My work spans from a broad system perspective to the plant-soil interface, including long and short-term field experiments and laboratory studies.

Among other methods, I employ state-of-the-art isotopic techniques to investigate C and N flows in plant and soil pools, such as the 15N isotope dilution method to assess N2 fixation, 13C-CO2 labeling for tracing C in plant and soil pools, and 15N leaf labeling to assess N transfer to companion species.

Teaching, dissemination and other activities

I am involved in the supervision of BSc and MSc students and I currently teach or have taught at the courses:

"Carbon Cycling and Climate Change", MSc level, Aarhus University;

"SOM and organically bound nutrients", PhD level, Aarhus University;

“C and N flows in cover crop and grassland-based systems”, PhD level, Aarhus University;

“Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”, PhD level, University of Ghana.


Science communication is one of my passions (and key for positive impact); here you can find some of the videos that my colleagues and I have created: Agroecology DK.

I am involved in initiatives to promote better working conditions, diversity and gender balance within the academic environment (and more broadly) and I am a board member of the AU Junior Researcher Association.


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