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Chiara Bresciani

MA, PhD Student

Chiara Bresciani


Research interests:
Politics, environmental concerns, promises of development and international activism: they constitute my starting point to bridge classic ethnological knowledge of Huave (Ikojts) indigenous people of Oaxaca (Mexico) with the challenges posed by their unequal inclusion in the globalised world. 
For my PhD project (informed by long-term fieldwork), I work on different planes of time, constantly shifting between myth and history and building on concepts of cultural heritage, moral economy and local/national identity. 
I have been working in this community since 2010.
Among my other interests: cultural determinants of alcohol consumption and local strategies to overcome addiction; solar energy and anthropology; Catholic exorcism.
Responsible for the project "Raíces de Cultura" for the dissemination of academic knowledge on Latin America. Project run within the association Raíces and LACUA, Centre for Latin American studies at AU.

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