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Charlotte Lauridsen

Professor, Head of Department

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Department of Animal Science - Health
Blichers Allé 20
D25, 3305
8830 Tjele
Email: charlotte.lauridsen@anis.au.dk
Phone: +4587158019
Web: http://pure.au.dk/portal/da/charlotte.lauridsen@anis.au.dk


My research activities are primarily concerned on nutrition and physiology of animal husbandry with focus on the importance of vitamins (vitamin E, A, C og D), lipids, fatty acids, natural and synthetic antioxidants and selected minerals for especial monogastric animals liveability, health, reproduction, nutrient utilisation, and product quality. The research involves basic and applied physiological investigations with special emphasis on the digestion, absorption, metabolism, and utilisation of these nutrients, and the applied methods involve measurements of especially fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins within the whole spectre from cell- to whole animal level. One of the major interests is the importance of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for the resistance against infectious diseases, and the area comprises both humoral- and cell-mediated immunological measurements, including eicosanoids and inflammatory markers. The working area covers in addition the application of animal models (pigs and rats) for humans, for instance studies regarding the importance of organic food and human health; the interaction between diet and therapies for patients whose health is compromised by infectious diseases; and investigations on the nutritional quality of food and health-potential characteristics.



Web of Science: 24
Google Scholar: 27
Scopus: 26


1998: PhD (Food Chemistry), The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Frederiksberg C, Denmark. Title: “Antioxidative status in pigs and chickens
following dietary alterations, with emphasis on skeletal muscles”

1994: M.Sc. (Animal Nutrition), The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Frederiksberg C, Denmark. Title: “The influence of dietary synthetic antioxidants
(ethoxyquin and butylhydroxytoluene) on broilers.


2018-: Professor in nutritional immunology, Dept. of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University.
2012-:Head of Research section for Immunology and Microbiology, Dept. of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

2007-2017: Senior Scientist, Animal Science, Aarhus University.
2001-2006: Senior Scientist, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition.
1998-2001: Scientist, Danish Institiute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition.
1995-1998: PhD student, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Product Quality
1994-1995: Research training fellow, Department of Nutrition, University College Cork,

Maternity leave: 6 months (2007) and 6.5 months (2010)

Research training abroad

2007-2008: Div. of Veterinary Pathology, Infection and Immunity, School of Clinical
Veterinary Science, Bristol University, UK, 7 months. Immunohistochemistry.
1999: Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, Oregon, USA, 8 months. Bioavailability of stereochemical forms of vitamin E using LC/MS/MS.
1994-1995: University College Cork, Ireland. Oxidative reactions in meat and cell membranes.

Research profile (most focus on pigs)

- Nutritional immunology and infection biology
- Animal models for humans 
- Basic and applied lipid nutrition
- Vitamins (major focus on vitamin A, D, E, and C) and antioxidants
- Fatty acids (major focus on n-6 and n-3), eicosanoids and inflammatory markers


2015-: Vitamin Advisory Board, DSM
2013-2016: President of the Pig Commission of EAAP

List of publications


Publications (last five years)

Impact of dietary fat levels and fatty acids composition on miljk fat synthesis in sows at peak lactation. / Zhe, L; Krogh, Uffe; Lauridsen, Charlotte et al.

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