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Casper Thule


Casper Thule
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I have worked with different software engineering tasks related to the entire process of a project.
This concerns requirements elicitation, system and requirements specifications, development, testing and verification.

Furthermore these projects have concerned low level embedded development, high level application development, smartphone apps, and web apps. 

I currently hold a M.Sc in Computer Technology from Aarhus  University.

During this M.Sc I studied a semester at University of Calgary in Canada to gain an understand of software development in general and academia in a different country than Denmark.

I have industrial experience from Terma, Danske Commodities, and Systematic.



Project title: Supporting Multidisciplinary Development of Cyber-Physical Systems

Systems consisting of both software and hardware are becoming a vital part of society, where they constitute cars, trains, medical devices and so forth. Such systems can be called Cyber-Physical Systems as they often involve cyber elements controlling physical processes.

When developing Cyber-Physical Systems it can be useful to create models of components, a model being an abstract description of a component. These models are then used in a Co-Simulation which is a simulation of coupled technical systems. Simulating the constituents that make up a given system can help identify undesired behaviour. This study will involve the development of the Co-Simulation Orchestration Engine which is the software responsible for orchestrating a simulation using models of components.

The Co-Simulation Orchestration Engine is part of the INTO-CPS project which is short for Integrated Tool Chain for Model-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems. The purpose of the INTO-CPS project is to create a family of interlinked tools that support development of Cyber-Physical Systems from requirements to realisation in hardware and software.

Main supervisor: Prof. Peter Gorm Larsen

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