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Caroline Howard Grøn

Associate Professor

Caroline Howard Grøn


Caroline holds a position as Associate Professor at the Crown Prince Frederk Center for Public Leadership,  Department of Political Science, Aarhus UNiversity.  She has previously held a postition as Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. She has a MA in political science and her PhD from the same department.

In 2017, Caroline was a part of the secretariat for the Danish Leadership and Management Commision. i 2019, Caroline will spend a lot of her time developing a new leadership evaluation tool targeted at the entire Danish public sector in cooperation with key institutional players. 

Carolines reserach centeres on public leadership including research on politico-administrative relations, the role of public top exectuives, motivation, leadership identity and the impact of digital tools on leadership and knowledge sharing. In 2018, Caroline recieved a 5.8 mil. DKK grant from the Independent Reserach Fund, Denmark.

Caroline teaches public leadership and management and organization theory. in 2017 she was awarded the teacher of the year award by MA students at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. She has been nominated for that award five consecutive years. For a number of years, Caroline has also given introductory lectures (250+ students) in organization theoy , public management and leaderhip and focus group methodology. She has previously taught courses on the institutional structure of the EU and small state lobbying.

Caroline communicates her reserach through  talks and workshops directed towards pactitioners and participates in the public debate; currently by writing for Altinget:embedsværk. Caroline is the editor in cheif of the annual "Political Science Yearbook" published by the Danish Political Sceince Association.

Caroline can be found on Google Scholar, LinkedIn and Twitter

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