Department of Political Science

Carita Mirjami Eklund

Postdoc, Research Assistant

Carita Mirjami Eklund


Carita Eklund defended her PhD, Innovation Capabilities, Design and Cutting Edge: Innovative Growth in the 21st Century, in August 2019. During the PhD, Carita also visited CFA for a year and 5 months and is thus very happy to be back in Aarhus. Caritas educational background consists of BSc and MSc in Economics and business administration that she did both in a total of 3.5 years. During that time, she also had two exchange semesters: in Germany, at Johannes Gutenberg Universität von Mainz, and in US, at Stanford University. 

Caritas expertise lies broadly on innovation economics and she is keen on measuring innovation capabilities on the firm level, using both innovation surveys and register data. She is passionate about design questions, especially on how design competences can help innovation, and using intangible capital to predict innovations.

Carita works in Globalinto, Business region Aarhus and Starbios2 projects.

ID: 143548692