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Camilla Fløjgaard

Researcher Tenure Track

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Camilla Fløjgaard

Researcher Tenure Track

  • Department of Bioscience - Biodiversity and Conservation
Postal address:
Grenåvej 14
8416, K206

Email: camf@bios.au.dk

Phone: +4587159036


01.08.2018-nuResearcher (tenure track), Aarhus Universitet
01.03.2017-01.08.2018Researcher, Aarhus Universitet
01.05.2013-01.03.2017Postdoc, Aarhus University
01.05.2012-30.04.2013Postdoc, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany
01.04.2011-30.04.2012Postdoc (funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research), Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain
01.02.2008-31.01.2011PhD student, Aarhus University


Relationships between macro-fungal dark diversity and habitat parameters using LiDAR

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Economic assessment of rewilding versus agri-environmental nature management

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Detecting flying insects using car nets and DNA metabarcoding

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Guiding principles for rewilding

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Multi-taxon inventory reveals highly consistent biodiversity responses to ecospace variation

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eDNA and metabarcoding for rewilding projects monitoring, a dietary approach

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Dark diversity reveals importance of biotic resources and competition for plant diversity across habitats

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Simple attributes predict the importance of plants as hosts to the richness of fungi and arthropods

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Predicting provenance of forensic soil samples: Linking soil to ecological habitats by metabarcoding and supervised classification

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Trait correlation network analysis identifies biomass allocation traits and stem specific length as hub traits in herbaceous perennial plants

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Vascular plant species richness and bioindication predict multi-taxon species richness

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Are ungulates in forests concerns or key species for conservation and biodiversity? Reply to Boulanger et al. (DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13899)

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Body condition, diet and ecosystem function of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in a fenced nature reserve

Fløjgaard, C., De Barba, M., Taberlet, P. & Ejrnæs, R., Jul 2017, In: Global Ecology and Conservation. 11, p. 312-323 12 p.

Rewilding som planmål i Antropocæn

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Using dark diversity and plant characteristics to guide conservation and restoration

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Vildere kronvildt

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Ulvens effekt på økosystemet: Frygtens landskab

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Establishing macroecological trait datasets: digitalization, extrapolation, and validation of diet preferences in terrestrial mammals worldwide

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Mammal predator and prey species richness are strongly linked at macroscales

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Upper thermal limits of Drosophila are linked to species distributions and strongly constrained phylogenetically

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A macroecological investigation of mammal species ranges and species richness patterns

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