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Britt I. F. Henriksen
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I am working with animal welfare and welfare assessment, focusing on mink welfare. My research activities include e.g. the welfare assessment system WelFur-mink, mink kit survival and weaning procedures, prevention of stereotypic behaviour in breeding females, and investigation of practical challenges related to measuring the minks’ temperament. The subject for my PhD-thesis was Assessment of animal welfare in mink farms based on the WelFur-Mink protocol. The aims of my research was to evaluate the welfare assessment protocol WelFur-Mink, with focus on being both efficient and correct, and evaluate the discussion group system ‘stable schools’ as a system that utilises the knowledge and experiences among farmers, in order to improve mink welfare. In my study I obtained practical experience and theoretical background of on farm welfare assessments in mink production, aggregation into welfare scores in welfare assessment systems, facilitation of stable schools, and qualitative interviews. 

In my former position at Bioforsk Organic Food and Farming Division in Norway I was working with animal health and welfare, welfare assessment and animal nutrition in organic farming, with main focus on ruminants.

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