Bo Melander

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Bo Melander
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I am working with non-chemical weed control in conventional and organic agricultural and horticultural crops. My research includes investigations of the mechanisms and effects of a wide range of mechanical and thermal control methods. I am particular interested in ways to combine direct physical methods with preventive and cultural weed control tactics to obtain optimal weed control strategies for individual crops. In recent years, I have been involved in weed problems associated with non-inversion tillage, especially focussing on aspects of the control of annual grass weeds and common couch-grass (Elytrigia repens). Weed problems on hard surfaces in urban areas and how relevant non-chemical weed control methods might be used is another area of my research interests. My present and future research activities also include studies on the development of integrated weed management strategies where herbicides are combined with non-chemical tactics. And finally, I am teaching at the University of Aarhus.

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