Bente Jønshøj

Bente Jønshøj

  • Trøjborgvej 82-84, 1911, 234

    8000 Aarhus C


Personal profile


I have a degree as an administrative officer and supplementary courses in staff management, with many years of experience as an administrative employee at Aarhus University. My primarily responsibilities have included studies administration, course administration, management support, HR, operational tasks, and organising conferences.

Job responsibilities

I work with a wide range of administrative tasks, including daily coordination of the secretariat, management support, secretary for the local liaison committe and occupational health and safety committe, personal data editor, HR, course administration, and facility management.
My role also involves assisting researchers with administrative tasks and supporting their teaching and research activities.
My work ensures that both internal and external processes run smoothly, and I am a central contact for staff, researchers and partners. 

Areas of expertise

  • Daily manager of the secretariat
  • Management support
  • HR
  • Course administration
  • Secretarial and operational tasks