Bjarke Lindsø Andersen

MSc Education Science, PhD Student

Bjarke Lindsø Andersen
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What does it mean to the authority of the educator that the teaching takes place online, and how are the employers supposed to work together within the organization to make meaningful online education? In my PhD project i take point of departure in four months of field study at a foreign university department with online education. I analyze how the technology and the support team's increased influence produces an erosion of traditional positions of authority and sediments new ones.

I work with qualitiative methods, both participant observation and interviews and digital and virtual ethnography. I work within the tradition of Science and Technology Studies (STS), where my theoretical ambition is to refine our understanding of how technology mediates authority in various ways. This I seek to do through discussing Alexandre Kojeve's analysis of how authority appears in four distinct ways (master, leader, judge and father) with Don Ihde's postphenomenological account of how technology mediates our experience of the world in four ways (embodiment, hermneutics, alteriry og background). 

I have general interest in the unforeseen side effects of (educational) technologies in practice.

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