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Birte Boelt

Senior Researcher, Professor

Birte Boelt
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Chair of the board of Plant Genetic Resources

Cochair of DanSeed – a national network (www.DanSeed.dk

Member of ISTA (Internationational Seed Testing Association) Technical Committee for ‘Advanced Technologies Committee’  (https://www.seedtest.org/)

Member of ISTA (Internationational Seed Testing Association) Seed Science Advisory Group (https://www.seedtest.org/)

Member of Danish Bee Council (Statens Binævn)

Past president of the International Herbage Seed Research Group 2005-2013

Member of The Danish Council of Ethics 2008-2010

Member of The Expert panel of innovation, Region Zealand

Member of the Technology Platform ‘Plants for the Future’, Sustainability, EU, 2003

Member of the Danish expert group on coexistence between organic, conventional and genetically modified crops

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