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Birgitte Romme Larsen

Associate Professor

Birgitte Romme Larsen


Fields of Research 

Regional specialization: Denmark, Scandinavia, rural areas, Lolland

Thematic specialization: Migration, refugees, asylum centers and asylum seekers, integration, the welfare state, family, children and youth, domestic routines, local communities, neighborliness, social inclusion and exclusion, the everyday encounter between migrants and local residents in rural Denmark, the national redistribution of government workplaces


Methodological specialization: Anthropology, ethnography, participant observation, qualitative interviews


Social Impact

- Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) highlights and uses my research case (2015-18) on asylum centres and local community neighborliness in Jelling as an example of humanistic research with social impact. Read DFF's leaflet about social impact and about my research, and watch their short documentary on the research case from Jelling:




- The Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, has been using my research as an example of the impact researchers have on society. 
Read the leaflet about social impact and about my research case (2015-18) from Jelling - 'The asylum centre as just another institution in the local community': 

https://humanities.ku.dk/collaboration/impact/pdf/Impact_cases_august_17.pdf (PDF)

https://humanities.ku.dk/collaboration/impact/ (online)

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