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Birgit Schiøtt


  • Department of Chemistry
  • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-Kemi, Langelandsgade
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Langelandsgade 140
1510, 416
Aarhus C
Type of address: Postal address.
Langelandsgade 140
Aarhus C

Email: birgit@chem.au.dk

Mobile: +4529826882

Phone: +4529826882


1993 (04.10.93) PhD in Chemistry AU, Prof. K. A. Jørgensen, 1-yr with Prof. S. L. Buchwald (MIT)
1990 (27.04.90) MSc in Chemistry AU, Prof. K. A. Jørgensen, 1-yr with Nobel Laureate Prof R. Hoffmann (Cornell)
1987: Part 1 (equals bachelor program) of studies in chemistry and physics – approximating majors in chemistry and physics and a minor in mathematics.

Research-related Employment including research management and administration

10/2014 - Professor in Bio-computational Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, AU
12/2014 – 3/2023 Head of Department of Chemistry, AU
12/2014 – 3/2023 Member of Faculty Leadership of ST (2014-2019) and NAT (2020-2023)
10/2009 – 09/2014Professor MSO in Biomodelling and Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, AU
01/2007 – 09/2009Associate Prof (tenured 04/2007), Dept. of Chemistry, Aarhus University (MSK in 2009)
01/2004 – 12/2006:Skou-award, Associate Prof, Dept. of Chemistry, Aarhus University
07/2001 – 12/2003:Steno-award, Associate Prof, Dept. of Chemistry, Aarhus University
08/1996 – 07/1998:Post-doc University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (2 years, Prof. T. C. Bruice, UCSB)
05/1993 – 12/1993: Research Assistant Prof, Pharmaceutical Highschool, Denmark (8 months)

Periods of Leave and non-research Employment

A total of 5 years and 10 months of non-research related employment and maternity leaves after PhD:
2008: Parental leave, 2 months (April 15th – June 10th)
2000: Maternity leave, 9 months (April 1st - December 31st, born May 29th)
1998 - 2000: Associate Prof, Aarhus Katedralskole (Aug 1st 1998 – March 31st 2000; 20 months)
1997: Maternity leave, 8 months (February 1st – October 1st, born April 1st)
1994 - 1996: Assistant Prof, Aarhus Katedralskole (Aug 1st 1994 – July 31st 1996, 24 months)
1994: Teaching Assistant Prof, Aarhus University (Jan 1st 1994 – June 30th 1994, 6 months)
1984 – 1996: Elite handball player, League/1st Division and European Cup (+300 matches)

Positions of trust, Academic awards, honours and scholarships:

2023 - Member of the Danish Academy for Technical Sciences (ATV)
2022 – 2023: AU’s member of steering group for Innomission1 by Innovation Foundation Denmark (carbon capture, utilisation and storage)
2021 – Member of Science Europe Working Groups on Research Culture as representative from the Independent Research Fund Denmark
2019 – 2024: Member of Board of Directors of the Independent Research Fund Denmark (appointed by Minister for research and education)
2021 – 2022: Member of DeiC e-ressource committee
2018 - Member of board of directors for Sandbjerg Estate
2018 – 2020: Member of Research politics committee (FPU) at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
2016 - Member of steering committee for “Aarhus Novo Nordisk Science and Talent Network” which evaluated industrial PhD applications and advised on how Novo Nordisk can interact with educations at ST/AU
2016: Member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
2003 – 2006: Skou grant from FNU/SNF, 3 year grant, 2.406.664 kr
1999 – 2003: Steno grant from SNF (first time issued), 3 year grant, 1.953.432 kr
1996 – 1998: Post-doc stipend from SNF, University of California, Santa Barbara, 774.767 kr.
1990 – 1993: “Kandidatstipendium” (graduate scholarship), Faculty of Science, AU.
1989: Carlsberg Scholarship (60.000 kr)
1988: Thanks To Scandinavia – scholarship ($ 4.000)

Academic Leadership and Administration

•Head of Department of Chemistry, AU (12/2014 – 3/2023 incl.)
•Member of AU committee for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (2021 - )
•Member of Board of Studies (Studienævnet), Aarhus School of Science, AU (2012-2014)
•Deputy-head, Dept. of Chemistry, AU, responsible for all aspects of education (2010-2014)
•Program leader for Medicinal Chemistry studies in Aarhus, curriculum development (2009-2014)
•Head of phd-program in Medicinal Chemistry in AGSoS (2007-2011)
•Member of teaching committee, Department of Chemistry (2007-2014)
•Heading the Biomodelling Group, Department of Chemistry (2001 - ) ~10-20 people/students at all levels
•Referee for numerous journals and research councils (~10 pr. Year)
•Served on evaluation committees for assistant professor (6), associate professor (18), full professor (12), tenure evaluation (1), head-of-department (1), dean (1), and deputy-rector (1), deputy-dean (2) as well as 19 PhD’s in Denmark, UK, Austria, Norway, Australia. Has headed in total 31 of these.
•Evaluation of research applications for Israeli, Brazilian and Norwegian research councils.
2015 - 2016:Learn2Lead course for Head of Department and leadership teams, Faculty of Science and Technology, AU
2012 - 2013:Research management and leadership, Aarhus University (Forskningslederkursus), by Udviklingskonsulenterne
2006:University pedagogical course, Aarhus University
1995:Pedagogical exams, High school, Aarhus Statsgymnasium

Current Research Funding and Project Management as PI unless noted

I have received a total of ~75 mio dkr as independent researcher (PI and co-PI)
2023 – 2026: AUFF Nova, Interdisciplinary development of selective small molecule antagonists of bicarbonate transporter Ncbe, 1.757.691 kr (co-PI)
2022 – 2024: Lundbeck Experiment, Regulating Sortilin, 540.532 kr (co-PI)
2022 – 2023: Marie-Slodowska-Curie Fellowship, HumBrain, ~1,5 mio DKK (co-PI/host; award given to PhD Christian Jorgensen)
2021 – 2025: NNF project, The ectodomain of the insulin receptor, 2.998.849 dkr
2021 – 2024: IFD Industrial 3-year postdoc with Novozymes, Digital Twin (co-PI, academic partner)
2021 – 2023: Lundbeck Experiment, Proton transfer in the transport mechanism of SERT, 1.998.295 kr
2021 – 2024: AUFF Nova – Small molecules targeting the glucagon receptor, 665.450 kr (co-PI)
2020 – 2026: FTP project, The Virtual Laundromat, 6.191.836 kr
2020 – 2024: Villum Synergy, Effective, efficient and robust clustering models for MD simulations, my share ~1,5 mio kr (two PIs, with Prof Ira Assent, CS)
2019 – 2024: NNF research Infrastructure, ROBUST: Resource fOr BiomolecUlar SimulaTions, 6.580.675 kr

Scientific focus area

My educational background is in organic chemistry combining experiments and computational chemistry methods focusing on catalysis, both heterogeneous and homogenous and including chiral catalysis. As an independent researcher, I have specialized in protein modelling and computational medicinal chemistry and biophysics. My main method is MD simulations, but I use a broad array of methods. My main research interest involves peptides, enzymes, membrane proteins, rational drug design and computational lipidomics. Combining computational and experimental studies has always been my focus, and I am an expert in exploiting computational techniques to study challenging questions. I have been involved in numerous interdisciplinary research projects and have extensive experience in leading such projects. I have a broad network of collaborators in Denmark (academic and industrial) and abroad.

Research Group, Teaching, Supervision and Outreach.

• Successfully supervised 16 PhD students who have all proceeded to good positions in academia or industry. Furthermore, 48 M.Sc. and 48 B.Sc.-students have been educated since 2004
• Mentoring 26 post-docs since 2008
• Current supervision: 3 postdocs, 2 PhD-students and 3 MSc-students
• Teaching: 7 courses in fields as Molecular Modeling, Medicinal Chemistry, Structural Biology and Organic Chemistry. Heading many study groups in protein modelling drug design. Developed 3 new courses for the medicinal chemistry curriculum. 4 years as high-school teacher in chemistry and physics.
• Outreach: I have co-authored a book chapter on water for high-school teaching with Søren Rud Keiding and provided input to several highschool chemistry books. Designed program in drug design for high school students. Several outreach papers in public media on drugs and drug design, several talks about teaching and didactics

Research Experience and International Relations.

Large user of high-performance computing in USA and in Denmark
• Approximately 50 invited talks at research institutions and conferences/workshops
• Longer research stays abroad - Cornell University (1988-1989), MIT (1992-1993), UC Santa Barbara (1996-1998, 2001), University of Western Australia (2005-2006, shorter stays 2007, 2009-2023), Stanford (2019)
• Consultant with Symrise GmBH, Holzminden, Germany (2010-2011)
• Collaboration with industrial and hospital partners including Chr. Hansen A/S, Novozymes A/S, Molegro ApS, H. Lundbeck A/S, Neurosearch A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, Naurex/Aptinyx Inc, and Aarhus Psychiatric University Hospital
• International research collaborations: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Australian National University; Oxford University; Sydney University; UC San Diego; SISSA, Trieste; Copenhagen University; Yale University; Groningen University


124 peer-reviewed publications, 148 including all on web of science (May 10th 2023).
15 first authorships; 65 corresponding authorships; 40 as senior modeler (not co-corresponding)
H-index (web-of-science May 10th 2023): 36; Average citation peer-reviewed papers: 32,9; Total citation number: 4085
H-index (Google scholar, May 10th 2023): 40; h-10 (publications last 5 years with more than 10 citations): 67; 5149 citationer; https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=5yelT6YAAAAJ&hl=da
Links to full publication list:
https:// https://www.webofscience.com/wos/alldb/summary/57842a81-1638-459b-a222-ad78eddb7025-8839e76e/relevance/1?state=%7B%7D