Betina Nørgaard Pedersen

PhD Student

Betina Nørgaard Pedersen


PhD title: Long-term residual effects of organic nitrogen applications in manures and plant residues

Large quantities of organic nitrogen is annually added to fields in both animal manure and plant residues. Some of this nitrogen is mineralized within months of application and is thus plant available. However, some of the organic nitrogen is not mineralized within the first cultivation season and becomes part of the soil organic nitrogen pool from which it will be mineralized at a low rate over many years. This is known as the residual effect of the organic fertilizer. Mineralization will take place both within and outside of the growing season and can therefore benefit cultivated crops, but also give rise to leaching of nitrate. Stronger estimates and more knowledge about this residual effect is needed to better describe the consequences of different cultivation methods. This is the purpose of this PhD.

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