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Betina Hansen

Agricultural Technician

Betina Hansen
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Organisation, layout, and care of trials in fields and greenhouses. This includes observation, registration during growing season, sampling, spraying, harvest, technical analyses (NIT), processing of samples (drying, grinding, etc.) together with statistics and graphical data work.

Current working responsibilities:

Care of trials in fields and greenhouses for cereal and grass seed:

  • Investigation of nutritional values in winter wheat and spring barley. What sorts are best managed with a reduction of nitrogen application (Vandmiljøplan II)? Grain yield and protein content are of special focus.
  • Cultivation of ecological garden seeds in portable tunnels. Investigation of yield potential and qualitative characteristics in leek, carrot and cauliflower.
  • Screening of endophyte infected grasses in greenhouses (festuca littorea, red fescue, and rye grass). The goal is to find grasses with improved characteristics caused by endophyte.
  • Embedment of fructanes in various grasses (bent grass, Poa pratensis, rye grass, and red fescue) during Autumn in relation to taxonomic association, presence of endophytes and Autumn treatment.

Previous working responsibilities:

Technical responsibility of carrying out field trials within industrial crops, including ecological and conventional Cannabis sativa, Lupinus, Vicia faba, Pisum sativum, genetically modified rape and fodder turnip, medical plants (red black-eyed Susan, opium poppy, snapdragon, marigold, limnanthes, milk thistle etc.) together with flax and other oil crops.


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