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Berit Lassesen

Associate professor

Berit Lassesen
  • Development of teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Research in Higher Education
  • Quality enhancement in Higher Education
  • Quality assurance in Higher Education
  • Academic tutoring
  • Academic learning
  • Educational Psychology
  • Students' approch to learn
  • Teachers' approaches to teach
  • Student learning and motivation factors
  • Interpersonal regulation of learning and motivation
  • Research methods in Higher Education


My research focuses on student learning and teaching e.g, approaches to learning and teaching, self-regulation of learning and performance, self-efficacy beliefs, motivation to learn, and quality enhancement in higher education. Currently I participate 1) in investigating and developing scholarly practices using technology through understanding teachers' and students' conceptions of and approaches to teaching and learning. 2) Research in peer-supervision and communication with the aim of improving medical student self-efficacy for engaging in patient-centered communication and examine the influence of course-related motivation to learn, course-related self-efficacy, and medical student well-being

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