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Benjamin Salling Hvass

Postdoc, PhD Student

Benjamin Salling Hvass


Project title: Verifiable cryptographic software

Project description:
Zero-knowledge proofs are integral for deploying privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications as they represent a fundamental building block for proving statements about confidential data. The most popular framework for such proofs is based on cryptographic pairings defined over elliptic curves, where pairing-based zero-knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge (zk-SNARKs) underlie private transactions.

The main aim of my project is to investigate techniques to develop a formally verified efficient software library for pairing-based cryptography as means to support current blockchain projects relying on zero-knowledge proofs.

A verified implementation facilitates trust to the blockchain and increases the robustness of the system and decreases required maintenance.

My project is a part of DIGIT and the Concordium Blockchain Research Center.

Supervisors: Assistant prof. Diego F. Aranha and Assoc. Prof. Bas Spitters

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