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Bart Verwaeren

Assistant Professor

Bart Verwaeren


I am an organizational psychologist, who studies how individuals and teams pursue creativity and innovation. I use various quantitative methods in my work, including (lab) experiments and survey research. I have collaborated with various SMEs and large organizations to answer applied questions about the role that creativity plays in organizations.

I hold a PhD in Business (applied economics) and a BA and MS in Organizational and Work Psychology from Ghent University (Belgium). Before joining Aarhus BSS, I held research positions at Vlerick Business School (Belgium), University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and I was a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California (USA).

Some specific research topics that I pursue:

  • The conditions that facilitate the implementation of creative ideas.
  • The effects of creative behaviours on how one is perceived at work (e.g., during a recruitment & selection process).
  • The effects of accountability systems (e.g., monitoring, performance management practices) on creativity and innovation.
  • How diverse information sources interact with attention to produce innovative decision-making.

I teach courses on work psychology, research methods, and creativity at the Bachelor and Master level. 

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