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Axel Forman

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Axel Forman
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  • Supervision
  • Maigaard, S. Contraction and relaxation of human uterine and placental smooth muscle. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand suppl 143. DMSc thesis, University of Aarhus 1987.
  • Glavind G. Sphincter ani interna. Fysiologiske og farmakologiske aspekter. Diploma paper, University of Aarhus, 1991
  • Tøttrup A. Morphological and functional aspects of lower oesophageal motor function.DMSc thesis, University of Aarhus 1992.
  • Skajaa K. Magnesium in relation to normal and pathological pregnancy. PhD thesis, University of Aarhus 1992.
  • Kirkebye, H. J. Regulation of penile venous outflow. Experimental studies on endogenous control mechanisms. DMSc thesis, Aarhus University 1993.
  • Svane, D. Vascular activator mechanisms in non-pregnant and pregnant uterus. PhD thesis University of Aarhus 1993.
  • Olesen, C. Passive og aktive mekaniske egenskaber i humant myometrium ved terminen. Diploma paper University of Aarhus 1993
  • Glavind Kristensen, M. Virkning af digoxin på humane uteroplacentære kar. Diploma paper, University of Aarhus 1995
  • Istre O. Transcervical resection of the endometrium. Clinical and pathophysiological consequences. DMSc thesis, University of Oslo, Norway 1996
  • Brogaard Hansen V. Effect of oophorectomy on isolated resistance arteries and peripheral perfusion. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 1998
  • Madsen G. Human submucosal esophageal veins: A study of physiological and pharmacological properties. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 1998.
  • Glavind G. The anal sphincter, physiological and pharmacological aspects. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 1998.
  • Petersen, Olav Bjørn. Adrenoceptor function in the human placenta. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 1999.
  • Marianne Glavind: Estrogen and endothelial function. Ph.D. thesis, Aarhus University 2001
  • Camilla Birch Nielsen: Aspects on the role of estrogen on kidney function and morphology. PhD thesis Aarhus  University 2004.
  • Kirsten Ejskjær: The EGF system in normal and pathological growth of the endometrium. Aarhus University 2006.
  • Torbjørn Brøgger: Placental vascular function and physology. PhD thesis Aarhus University 2017.
  • Anne Gisselmann Egekvist: Conservative treatment of endometriosis. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 2017
  • Mia Olesen: Therapeutic endometrial trauma for enhancement of implantation. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 2018
  • Ulla Juul Christiansen: Outpatient versus inpatient laparoscopic hysterrectomy. PhD thesis, Aarhus University 2018
  • Mads Riskjær: Laparoscopic rectal resection for bowel endometriosis. PhD thesis, Aarhus 2019
  • Anne Kruse: Fast track discharge after cesarian section in multiparas. PhD study, Aarhus University

  Ongoing supervision

  • Karina Hansen: Empowering women with endometriosis. PhD study, Aarhus University
  • Henrik Marschall: Testing conributions of psychosocial non-specific factors to surgical pain 

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