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Astrid Elkjær Sørensen


Astrid Elkjær Sørensen


Presentation of my current postdoc-project 
Denmark has some of the world’s highest education and employment rates for women, but at the same time also a very horizontal gender-segregated labor market, that is, most women work in different occupations than most men. Thus many of the highly educated Danish women work in professions which have been and are dominated by women. In my postdoc. project, I investigate the academization of three of the largest female-dominated professions (teachers, nurses and pre-school teachers) in the period of 1990-2020 with a focus on how conceptions of gender directly and indirectly play into the construction of the professions as academic subjects.

 In the first part of the project I aim to analyse, which goals and interests different actors (the political actors, the universities and trade unions) had in supporting the academization of the female dominated professions and how it shaped the way, the educations were constructed. In the second part of the project I focus on how the academization affects and are experienced by the people in the three different professions. Thus focusing on how the academization are lived on a daily level and are also negotiated within the daily context of the workplace be it a hospital, a school or a kindergarten.

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