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Andrew Murray


Curriculum Vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE -  Andrew Sean Murray

Place of birth: London, UK                                                                              
Nationality: British and Australian

Work Address:  The Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, Department of Earth Sciences, Aarhus University, Risø National Laboratory, P.O Box 49, DK-4000 ROSKILDE, Denmark. 
Tel: +45 46 77 59 79 -   Fax: +45 46 77 49 59 - Email:andrew.murray@risoe.dk

Home address: Ågerupvej 31B, Ågerup, DK-4000 ROSKILDE, Denmark.  Tel: +45 46 78 66 09


B.Sc(hons), (St. Andrews), App. Physics, 1974.
D.Phil.(Oxford), in Environmental Radiation, 1981.

Summary of employment:
1980-82:    Lecturer, Department of Bio-Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University of Aberdeen, and Assistant Radiation Protection Officer, University of Aberdeen and the Grampian Health Board.  Aberdeen, Scotland.
1982-87: Research Scientist in the Environmental Radioactivity section of the Alligator Rivers Region Research Institute, Office of the Supervising Scientist, Jabiru, Australia
1987-94: Senior Research Scientist/Project Leader. CSIRO, Division of Water Resources, Canberra, Australia
1994-96: Principal Research Scientist/Project Leader. CSIRO, Division of Water Resources, Canberra, Australia
1996-    : Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Recent research activity:
Development and application of
a.    new luminescence protocols and instrumentation for the measurement of dose in individual samples of quartz and feldspar.
b.   investigation of the potential of luminescence dating on Mars.
c.    measurement systems and luminescence techniques for the estimation of dose in single sand-sized grains of quartz.
d.   luminescence dating techniques for application to very young sediment deposits (<500 years) and other incompletely reset materials.

Dr Murray manages the Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers of luminescence dates.  He collaborates with archaeologists and geologists from northern Europe and elsewhere, and has been invited to give specialist seminars by many institutions around the world.  He has over 150 refereed publications in international journals, and is used as a referee by many international journals in physics and geology, and by various grant awarding bodies around the world. In 2003 he became the Director of the Nordic Centre for Luminescence Research (a Nordic Centre of Excellence), with funding from the Joint Committee of Nordic Natural Science Research Councils.

Supervision, etc.
Dr Murray is the formal supervisor of one Aarhus University PhD student, and informally supervises up to 10 MSc and PhD student visitors to the Laboratory.  These students come from various universities world-wide, for periods of up to one year

Other Activities:
Editorial advisory panel - Geochronometria
Referee panel - Ancient TL
Review Committee - GADAM Centre, Gliwice, Poland
Dr Murray has also acted as external examiner for various PhD exams around the world.