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Artan Sheshmani

Associate professor

Profile photoArtan Sheshmani PhD, Associate Professor.

Current Address US: Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications
Department of Mathematics
Harvard University
Postal address: 20 Garden Street, Room 110, Cambridge, MA, USA, 02139.

Telefon: +4587155819, +1 614 565 1659
LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/artan-sheshmani-350463116
Personal Webpage: https://scholar.harvard.edu/artan

Research interests: Algebraic Geometry, Gromov-Witten, Donaldson-Thomas theory, Mathematical Aspects of String theory, Derived Algebraic Geometry
Erdös number = 3, Einstein number = 4

Current employment and affiliations:
Pure Mathematician/ Associate Professor of Mathematics (with tenure):

2016 – Current: Institut for Matematik,-- Formerly Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces.
2017-Current: International associate member, International laboratory of mirror symmetry and automorphic forms, Higher school of economics (HSE).

Former employment:
2016 - 2021 Harvard University, Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA)
2020- 2021 Harvard University, Physics Department
2016 – 2016 Visiting Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2016 – 2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2015 – 2016 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo
2013 – 2016 Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
2012 – 2013 Member, Max Planck Institut fuer Mathematik, Bonn
2011 – 2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia
2010 – 2011 Affiliate Member at Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge
2006 – 2010 Research and Teaching assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Visiting positions
2016 (Jun – Jul) Member, Institut Henri Poincar ́e, Paris, France
2015 (Apr – May) Senior Visiting Fellow, Mathematics Institute at University of Warwick, UK
2013 (May – May) Visiting Scientist, Erwin Schr ̈odinger Int. Inst. Math. Phys., Austria
2009 (Jan – May) Visiting Graduate Student, MSRI, Berkeley, CA
2008 (Mar – Mar) Visiting Graduate Student, Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, NJ
2007 (Nov – Nov) Visiting Graduate Student, Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, NJ

2011 Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, USA (Advisors: Sheldon Katz and Tom Nevins)
2008 M.Sc. Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, USA
2004 M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, IRAN
2003 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, IRAN
2003 B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, IRAN
1999 Diploma Mathematics and Physics, National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET), Tabriz, IRAN,

2020-2024, European research leader grant (Sapere Aude), DFF. Single PI, Approx. 1 Million USD (together with Extra 400K USD funding co-financed by Harvard University).

2019, BIRS grant, Co-PI (Eduardo Gonzales and Pablo Solis), Conference on Moduli and Invariants .

2017, NSF, Co-PI (with Tom Nevins, Albrecht Klemm and Ron Donagi) NSF#1736228, Con- ference on Enumerative Geometry, Mirror Symmetry, and Physics

2017, 200K USD, Senior personnel, Supplement for NSF #1306313 (PI: Shing-Tung Yau) , Geometric Structures in Field and String Theory

Postdocs under my mentorship:
2019 – 2021 Michael Mcbreen (Harvard CMSA and Aarhus)
2018 – 2020 Dennis Borisov (Harvard CMSA and center for QGM)-Now Assist. Professor at U. Windsor
2018 – 2020 Enno Kessler (Harvard CMSA), Co-supervising with Shing-Tung Yau

Scientific/Academic honors and awards:
2009 , 2010 James D. Hogan and university of Illinois Fellowships
2010 University of Illinois Dissertation Completion Fellowship
2009 David G. Bourgin Fellowship
2009 Phi Kappa Phi national honor society
2007 , 2009 R.E.G.S 2 Fellowship
2006 , 2008 Department of Mathematics internal Fellowship
2006 – 2009 Outstanding instructor at the University of Illinois (4 consecutive years)
2006 – 2010 NSF graduate student travel awards (5 consecutive years)
2004 Ranked 1’st place in M.Sc. level in M.E.
2003 Brilliant talent award by IRAN’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. M.Sc. entrance without nationwide exam
2003 Ranked 3’rd place in B.Sc. level (out of 152) in M.E.
2000 Brilliant talent award by IRAN’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Permission to double major in M.E. and C.E.
1999 Ranked 61’st place in IRAN’s nationwide university entrance exam among 500000+ participants

Selected invited talks:
2019 Oct Trieste, Italy, (ICTP), Workshop on Gauge theory and differential invariants
—— Jun Moscow, Russia, (Steklov Institute), Conference on birational geometry and Fano varieties
—— Apr Cambridge, MA, (MIT), Geometric representation theory seminar
—— Mar Cambridge, MA, (Brandeis University), Harvard-MIT-Brandeis-Northeastern Colloquiuum
—— Feb Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, (University of Pittsburg), Colloquiuum.
—— Jan, Sanya, China (Sanya international mathematical forum), International workshop on mirror symmetry and related topics.

2018 Oct, Moscow, Russia (Higher school of economics), Conference on Higgs theory.
—— Aug, Novosibirsk, Russia (Sobolev Institute), Seiberian summer school (Current developments in geometry), .
—— Jan, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh University, Colloquium.

2017 Nov. Moscow, Russia (HSE and Steklov Institute), AG lectures I, II, III, IV, The Hyperkahler Saturday, and and workshop on birational geometry.
—— Nov. UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, Algebra Seminar
—— Nov. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, Colloquium on enumerative geometris aspects of Mirzakhani's work (Mirzakhani memorial)
—— Sep. Statesboro, Georgia, Georgia-Southern University, Colloquium talk.
—— Feb. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, JDG Conference on Geometry and Topology
—— Feb. Boston, MA, Boston University, Geometry and Physics Seminar
—— Feb. Providence, RI, Brown University, Geometry/Topology Seminar
—— Feb. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Differential Geometry Seminar
—— Feb. Cambridge, MA, Harvard University (CMSA), Mathematical Physics Seminar
—— Jan. Trieste, Italy (ICTP)
—— Jan. Trieste, Italy (SISSA)

2016 Dec. Utrecht, Netherlands (Utrecht U.), GQT colloquium 
—— Nov. Hamburg, Germany (U. Hamburg, DESY and ZMP), ZMP colloquium
—— Oct. Aarhus, Denmark (Aarhus U.), Nielsen Retreat
—— Jun. Paris, France, Seminar Darboux, lectures, I,II
—— Jun. Paris, France (IHES), Séminaire de Physique Théorique
——Apr. New York City, New York (Columbia U.), Symplectic Geometry, Gauge Theory, and Categorification (SGGTC)
—— Apr. College Park, Maryland (U. Maryland), Algebra, Number theory Seminar
—— Feb. Piscataway, New Jersey (Rutgers U.), Geometry, Symmetry and Physics Seminar
—— Feb. Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard), (SMCA), Mathematical Physics Seminar
—— Jan. Aarhus, Denmark (Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces), Seminar (QGM)

2015 Dec. Clear Water bay, Hong Kong (HKUST), Algebraic Geometry lectures I,II,III
—— Dec. Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo U.), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
——Nov. Luminy, France (CIRM), Conference on Moduli Spaces in Geometry
—— Oct. Kyoto, Japan (Kyoto U.), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
—— Oct. Tokyo, Japan (Kavli IPMU), GTM seminar
—— Oct. Salt lake city, Utah (U. Utah), AMS Algebraic Geometry Mega Conference
—— July Oxford, UK (Mathematical Institute), Algebraic Geometry seminar
—— Apr. Derived categories and applications symposium, Warwick, UK (Mathematics Institute)
—— Apr. Urbana, Illinois (UIUC), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
—— Mar. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UPenn), Math-Physics Joint Seminar
—— Feb. Columbus, Ohio (OSU), Representations and Lie theory Seminar
—— Feb. Columbus, Ohio (OSU), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
—— Feb. New York City, New York (Columbia U.), Gromov-Witten Theory Seminar

2013 Oct. Urbana, Illinois (UIUC), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
—— Sept Trieste, Italy (SISSA), Conference on Hilbert schemes, sheaves and representations
—— June Vienna, Austria (Erwin Schr ̈odinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics), Conference on Birational Geometry and Geometric Invariant Theory
—— May Bonn, Germany (Max Planck Inst.), Seminar on Algebra, Geometry and Physics
—— May Zurich, Switzerland ( Institut fuer Mathemathik, U. Zurich), Algebraische Geometrie
—— Apr. Zurich, Switzerland (ETH), Seminar on Algebraic Geometry and Moduli
—— Feb. Tokyo, Japan (Kavli IPMU), Seminar on Derived category, McKay correspondence and Mirror symmetry
—— Feb. Piscataway, New Jersey (Rutgers U.), Geometry, Symmetry and Physics Seminar

2012 Dec. College Park, Maryland (U. Maryland), Seminar on Algebra and number theory
—— Dec. Paris, France (E ́cole Normale Sup ́erieure), Darboux Seminar
—— Oct. Warwick, UK (Mathematics Institute, U. Warwick), Conference on Homological Projective Duality and Noncommutative Geometry
—— Oct. Bonn, Germany (Hausdorff center for Mathematics), String-Math 2012
—— July Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard), Harvard/MIT Algebraic Geometry Seminar

2011 Nov. Palo Alto, California (Stanford U.), Algebraic Geometry Seminar
—— Nov. Berkeley, California (UC Berkeley), Rep. Theory/Geometry/Combinatorics Seminar
—— Nov. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Upenn), String Math 2011
—— June Warwick, UK (Mathematical Institute, U. Warwick), Algebraic Geometry seminar
—— Apr. London, UK (Imperial College), MAGIC seminar
—— Apr. Oxford, UK (Mathematical Institute), Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry seminar

2009 Nov. Urbana, Illinois (UIUC), Seminar on sheaves of dimension 1
—— Mar. Berkeley, California (UC Berkeley), MSRI graduate student seminar

Organizational activities:
2019 The Casa Matematica Oaxaca (CMO), Mexico, Conference on Moduli and Invariants, (Nov 17–22, 2019)

2019 Harvard CMSA, Conference on Algebraic Geometry, Representation theory and Math- ematical Physics, (May 29-June1, 2019)

2016-2018 Harvard CMSA, Mathematical Physics seminar,

2016-2018 Special Algebraic Geometry Seminar, CMSA Colloquium.

2017 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Conference on Enumerative geometry and Physics (Co-organizer jointly with Tom Nevins, Ron Donagi and Albrecht Klemm) QGM Aarhus, AaDAG seminar
(Co-organizer Jointly with Cristiano Spotti and Thomas Brunn)

2013-2014 Ohio State University, Algebraic Geometry Seminar
(Co-organizer Jointly with Davide Fusi)

2012 Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Seminar on Algebra, Geometry and Phsyics (Co-organizer Jointly with Yuri Manin)

2011, University of British Columbia, Algebraic Geometry Seminar

2008-2010 University of Illinois, Seminar on Sheaves of dimension 1 and Gromov-Witten theory

2008 University of Illinois, Graduate student algebraic geometry seminar

Referee and review experience:
Referee for Advances in Mathematics, Geometriae Dedicata, J. Diff. Geom., Math. Annalen, Quart. J. Math., Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.
Reviewer for: American Mathematical Society (Math Reviews), Zentralblatt Math.

Teaching experience:
2019 Spring, (Main Lecturer) Derived Algebraic Geometry lecture series (Harvard U. CMSA) (Main Lecturer)
2019 Fall, Algebraic Topology I (Aarhus U.)
2018 Spring, (Main Lecturer) Qunatum Cohomology lecture series (Harvard U. CMSA)
2017 Spring, (Main Lecturer) Algebraic Geometry I (Aarhus U., Video lectures from Harvard)
2016 Spring (Main Lecturer) GW/ DT theories and modularity (MIT)
2014 Fall (Main Lecturer) Engineering Math. B (OSU)
2014 Fall (Main Lecturer) Calculus III (OSU)
2014 Spring (Main Lecturer) Engineering Math. B (OSU)
2013 Fall (Main Lecturer) Engineering Math. A (OSU)
2011 Fall (Main Lecturer) Calculus of one variable (UBC)
2009 Fall (Teaching Assistant) Calculus of one variable (UIUC)
2008 Spring (Teaching Assistant) Calculus of multi variables (UIUC)
2008 Fall (Main Lecturer) Linear Algebra (UIUC)
2007 Spring (Teaching Assistant) Basic Algebra (UIUC)
2007 Fall (Teaching Assistant) Calculus of one variable (UIUC)
2006 Fall (Teaching Assistant) Calculus of one variable (UIUC)
1999 – 2004 (Teaching Assistant) Several engineering undergraduate and graduate courses, (Sharif University of Technology)

Research and education information

I am a pure Mahematician, specialized in algebraic geometry. I am an associate professor of pure mathematics with joint affiliations at Institut for Matematik (formerly the "Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli spaces), and International labratory for Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic forms at higher school of economics. From 2016 to 2021 I was jointly affiliated with Harvard University CMSA, and Harvard Physics department from 2020 to 2021. My research is mainly focused on Gromov Witten theory, Donaldson Thomas theory, Calabi-Yau geometries, and mathematical aspects of String theory. I study geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves and curves on Calabi Yau spaces, some of which arise in the study of mathematics of string theory. Currently I am interested in understanding dualities between geometry of such moduli spaces over complex varieties of dimension 2,3,4. I study these problems using techniques in algebraic and differential geometry, and recently I have become interested in implementing some methods used in derived algebraic geometry, to gain understanding of some structural symmetries between these moduli spaces.