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Arnthrudur Gisladottir

PhD Student

Arnthrudur Gisladottir
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Project title: Holistic design method for the urban acoustic environment

The aim of the project is to combine subjective and objective parameters in the design of future acoustic environments. A holistic design method for urban acoustic environments will be developed, combining the knowledge gained from decades of soundscape studies, early stage noise mapping, architectural parameters and the fundamental understanding of acoustics.

The intended use of the method is at the earliest design stages, where it can inform decisions that are fundamental for the final outcome of the acoustic environment. The method will be integrated in BIM software and will be therefore be easily accessible.  The results from the method will inform non-acoustic specialists and different stakeholders of how different design solutions influence the acoustic environment. Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods will be used to structure the design problem and evaluate multiple conflicting criteria.

With implementation in BIM, using MCDM methods for decision making, the method can become an integrated part of a holistic design process.

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