Arne Kjær

Centre Director

Curriculum Vitae


MSc in Computer Science with a subsidiary degree in Cultural Sociology. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 1981.

Professional Experience

- Associate Professor, Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus. Since 1988.
- Assistant Professor, Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus. 1983-1988.
- Research Assistant, Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus. 1981-1982.
- Private Consultant
- Chief Consultant, PLS Consult. 1990-1991.
- President of the University Teachers Association within the Danish Masters Association.1996-1998.
- Member of various corps of external examiners.
- Participated in developing the academic basis for Information Studies (originally called the Humanistic-Computer Science combination degree programme) at the beginning of the 1980s.


Research Projects

- The TIK-TAK project (1985-87)
- Design for Flexibility (1992-94)
- QUICK (1996-98)
- Design Didactics (2001-)

- Evaluation and research in connection with IT in teaching:
- Evaluation of the Ministry of Education's project "The Electronic School" (the use of laptop computers at two Danish high schools, 1996-1998)
- Evaluation of the Novo Nordisk Project (the use of IT in teaching at the teachers colleges, 1998-2000)

Administrative Experience

- Head of the Board of Studies and director of studies at Information Studies for several periods (most recently: 1994-98 and 1999 - current).

My main objective as director of studies and head of the Board of Studies and is to offer the students the education they desire within the academic framework defined by the curriculum of the individual programme; in other words, the students should have the possibility of shaping their education. This is true to a great extent for the Master's degree programmes and only to a limited extent for the Bachelor's, supplementary and part-time Master's degree programmes, as these consist of core courses.

As director of studies my responsibilities include the following:
- Developing the academic programmes (academically, structurally, and as regards content) in cooperation with teachers and students, including evaluating the programmes
- Determining the course offerings, including the hiring of part-time lecturers
- Organizing and carrying out the examinations, including contacting the external examiners
- Granting exemptions in cases handled by the Board of Studies
- Advising the students and working together with the student counsellors
- Communicating information about the academic programmes
- Proportioning the academic programmes
- Academically evaluating the applicants to the part-time Masters degree programmes and Quota 2 applicants
- Communicating with companies that employ graduates and in connection with internships