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Annika Pohl Harrisson

Ph.D., Postdoc, Postdoc.

Annika Pohl Harrisson

Postdoc 2021 - current
Fencing the Feral - Biosecurity and the Invasive Other in the Danish-German Borderlands


Research areas


Geographic and thematic specialization
My core research interests are centered around state-society dynamics in borderlands. I am investigating issues such as state formation, governance, sovereignty, autonomy, citizenship, identity and cross-border movements. My regional focus has mainly been in Thailand, Myanmar and most recently the Danish-German borderlands. My current project has pushed my research scope and curiousity further towards ideas and perceptions about invasive species, biosecurity, wildlife and ferality contra domestic farming practices.

Current Research
Currently I am pursuing a postdoc in the project Fencing the Feral - Biosecurity and the Invasive Other in the Danish-German Borderlands.  This research project (2021-2024) investigates the radical transformations of the social and natural landscape in the Danish-German borderland, caused by the construction of a wildlife fence in order to prevent the migration of wild boars and the spread of African Swine Fever. We analyze how national spaces and borders are coproduced through the spatial strategies of fencing, discourses of biosecurity and the invasive other. The project explores how technological interventions like wildlife fencing relate to larger political narratives of walls, borders and flows. It is the project’s hypotheses that biosecurity barriers through wildlife fencing in the Danish borderlands (and beyond) besides being a key driver for the reordering of the natural and social landscape and a general heightened securitization of the borderland, also provide important insight into the particular ways in which feral species like wild boars are portrayed and politized.

I am currently working on

  • An article about biosecurity assemblages in the Danish – German borderlands (with Michael Eilenberg)
  • An article about material and affective qualities of fencing in borderlands (with Michael Eilenberg)
  • A book on biosecurity and fencing (with Michael Eilenberg)
  • A chapter about the temporal workings of fences intended as veterinary infrastructure (with Ludek Broz)
  • A book chapter on hunting and masculinity (with Erica von Essen)
  • An article about climate friendly pig farming in Denmark



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