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Annika Büchert Lindberg

Educational developer, PhD in Biology, Educational Developer

Annika Büchert Lindberg
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Annika Büchert Lindberg has since 2010 been an educational developer at Aarhus University, Denmark. She has a special focus on how continuous assessment and feedback can support student learning with regard to both factual disciplinary knowledge as well as generic skills such as evaluative judgement. Currently her focus is on developing peer feedback learning design to qualify the students to provide quality feedback to their peers using feedback criteria (Bjælde, Jørgensen & Lindberg, 2017, Bjælde & Lindberg, 2018). In addition, she is interested in how educational technology can provide an additional insight into the learning progression of students (Bjælde et al. 2015, Godsk, Hougaard & Lindberg, 2013). At Faculty of Natural Science and Faculty of Technical Sciences she is facilitating workshops for senior staff focusing on online examination, feedback, learning design, online learning, assessment for learning and continuous assessment.


Annika is teacher and module coordinator of University pedagogical programme for assistant professors at Aarhus University where she focuses on alignment, small class teaching, assessment for learning, educational technology and online/blended learning. In addition, she is course coordinator and teacher for the Professional development for Teachers for teachers at Aarhus School of Architecture, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Finally, she is course coordinator of Master of Didactics in excellent teaching for Polish teachers in higher education.

Annika Büchert Lindberg received her PhD in Biology at Aarhus University in 1998, where she studied the pollination ecology of Passionflowers.

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