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Annette Skovsted Hansen

  1. Global Ports and Shipping

    Hansen, A. S., Nicolaisen, M. A., Gonen, E., Hirai, S., Gomez, C. A., Lutmar, C. & Haraguchi, T.

    Internationalt netværksprogram, FIVU


    Project: Research

  2. PEPP: Port Efficiency and Public Private Capacity in Ghana

    Hansen, A. S., Acheampong, G., Andersen, C., Andersen, T., Aryee, J. & Nicolaisen, M. A.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark - Consultative Committee for Development Research


    Project: Research

  3. Forging Partnerships? A Comparative Study of Institutional Responses to Nordic and Japanese Aid in Asia

    Hansen, A. S., Jerve, A. M., Delman, J., Söderberg, M., Shimomura, Y., Nissanke, M., Koponen, J. & Nørlund, I.


    Project: Research

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