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Annette Bruhn

Senior Researcher

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Annette Bruhn

Senior Researcher

  • Department of Bioscience - Marine Ecology
Postal address:
Vejlsøvej 25

Email: anbr@bios.au.dk

Mobile: +4529638034

Phone: +4587158797


Fermentation of sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) – effects on sensory properties, and content of minerals and metals

Bruhn, A., Brynning, G., Johansen, A., Sarauw Lindegaard, M., Hagen Sveigaard, H., Fonager, L., Lykke Andersen, L., Rasmussen, M. B., Larsen, M. M., Elser-Gravesen, D. & Børsting, M. E., 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Applied Phycology.

Glacial vicariance drives phylogeographic diversification in the amphi-boreal kelp Saccharina latissima

Neiva, J., Paulino, C., Nielsen, M. M., Krause-Jensen, D., Saunders, G. W., Assis, J., Barbara, I., Tamigneaux, E., Gouveia, L., Aires, T., Marba, N., Bruhn, A., Pearson, G. A. & Serrao, E. A., 18 Jan 2018, In : Scientific Reports. 8, 12 p., 1112.

Beskrivelse af metoder som det marine fagdatacenter anvender ved den faglige kvalitetssikring af de enkelte marine dataemner

Fossing, H., Hansen, J. L. S., Bruhn, A., Krause-Jensen, D., Carstensen, J., Jakobsen, H., Markager, S., Hansen, J. W., Strand, J. & Larsen, M. M., 2018, 20 p.. May 07, 2018.

Crude fucoidan content in two North Atlantic kelp species, Saccharina latissima and Laminaria digitata - seasonal variation and impact of environmental factors

Bruhn, A., Janicek, T., Manns, D. M., Nielsen, M. M., Balsby, T. J. S., Meyer, A. S., Rasmussen, M. B., Hou, X., Saake, B., Göke, C. & Bjerre, A-B., Dec 2017, In : Journal of Applied Phycology. 29, 6, p. 3121-3137

Can seaweed farming play a role in climate change mitigation and adaptation?

Quesada, C. M. D., Wu, J., Xiao, X., Bruhn, A. & Krause-Jensen, D., 2017, In : Frontiers in Marine Science.

Compositional variations of brown seaweeds Laminaria digitata and Saccharina latissima in Danish waters

Manns, D. M., Nielsen, M. M., Bruhn, A., Saake, B. & Meyer, A. S., 2017, In : Journal of Applied Phycology. 29, 3

Furthering knowledge on seaweed growth and development to facilitate sustainable aquaculture

Charrier, B., Abreu, H., Araújo, R., Bruhn, A., Coates, J., de Clerck, O., Katsaros, C., Robain, R. & Wichard, T., 2017, In : New Phytologist. 216, 7

The road to a circular regenerative economy – case study on offshore seaweed production as feedstock for biorefinery based products

Thomsen, M., Seghetta, M. & Bruhn, A., 2017, (In preparation) In : Journal of Cleaner Production.

Bioextraction potential of seaweed in Denmark – an instrument for circular nutrient management

Seghetta, M., Tørring, D., Bruhn, A. & Thomsen, M., 3 May 2016, In : Science of the Total Environment. 563-564, p. 513-529 17 p.

An objective framework to test the quality of candidate indicators of good environmental status

Queirós, A. M., Strong, J. A., Mazik, K., Carstensen, J., Bruun, J., Somerfield, P. J., Bruhn, A., Ciavatta, S., Flo, E., Bizsel, N., Özaydinli, M., Chuseve, R., Muxika, I., Nygård, H., Papadopoulou, N., Pantazi, M. & Krause-Jensen, D., 2016, In : Frontiers in Marine Science. 3, 15 p., 73.

Biodiversity in marine ecosystems – developments towards robust assessments

Heiskanen, A-S., Berg, T., Uusitalo, L., Teixeira, H., Bruhn, A., Krause-Jensen, D., Lynam, C., Rossberg, A. G., Korpinen, S., Uyarra, M. C. & Borja, A., 2016, In : Frontiers in Marine Science.

Early stage growth responses of Saccharina latissima zoospores and gametophytes. Part 1: Inclusion of different phosphorus regimes

Møller Nielsen, M., Kumar, J., Soler-Vila, A., Johnson, M. & Bruhn, A., 2016, In : Journal of Applied Phycology. 28, 1, p. 387-393 7 p.

Genetic diversity of Saccharina latissima (Phaeophyceae) along a salinity gradient in the North Sea-Baltic Sea transition zone

Møller Nielsen, M., Paulino, C., Neiva, J., Krause-Jensen, D., Bruhn, A. & Serrao, E. A., 2016, In : Journal of Phycology. 52, 4, p. 523-531 9 p.

Hvad ved vi om marine virkemidler?

Timmermann, K., Erichsen, A. C., Bruhn, A., Fossing, H., Petersen, J. K. & Flindt, M., 2016, In : Vand & Jord. 23, 4, p. 141-144 4 p.

Impact of environmental conditions on biomass yield, quality, and bio-mitigation of Saccharina latissima

Bruhn, A., Bruunshøj Tørring, D., Thomsen, M., Canal-Vergés, P., Nielsen, M. M., Rasmussen, M. B., Eybye, K. L., Larsen, M. M., Balsby, T. J. S. & Petersen, J. K., 2016, In : Aquaculture Environment Interactions. 8, p. 619-636

The effect of light and nutrient availability on growth, nitrogen and pigment contents of Saccharina latissima (Phaeophyceae) grown in outdoor tanks, under natural variation of sunlight and temperature, during autumn and early winter in Denmark

Boderskov, T., Schmedes, P. S., Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Nielsen, M. M. & Pedersen, M. F., 2016, In : Journal of Applied Phycology. 28, 2, p. 1153-1165 13 p.

Valuable biomolecules from nine North Atlantic red macroalgae: Amino acids, fatty acids, carotenoids, minerals and metals

Razi Parjikolaei, B., Bruhn, A., Eybye, K. L., Larsen, M. M., Rasmussen, M. B., Christensen, K. V. & Fretté, X., 2016, In : Natural Resources. 7, 4

Variation in morphology and biochemical composition of Saccharina latissima and Laminaria digitata along an estuarine salinity gradient in inner Danish waters

Nielsen, M. M., Manns, D., D'este, M., Krause-Jensen, D., Rasmussen, M. B., Larsen, M. M., Alvarado, M., Angelidaki, I. & Bruhn, A., 2016, In : Algal Research. 13, p. 235-245 11 p.

The influence of glacial melt water on bio-optical properties in two contrasting Greenlandic fjords

Murray, C., Markager, S., Stedmon, C. A., Juul-Pedersen, T., Sejr, M. K. & Bruhn, A., 2015, In : Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 163, p. 72-83 12 p.

Growth dynamics of Saccharina latissima (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) in Aarhus Bay, Denmark, and along the species´distribution range

Møller Nielsen, M., Krause-Jensen, D., Olesen, B., Thinggaard, R., Christensen, P. B. & Bruhn, A., 2014, In : Marine Biology. 161, 9, p. 2011-2022 12 p.

Influence of variable feeding on mesophilic and thermophilic co-digestion of Laminaria digitata and cattle manure

Sarker, S., Møller, H. B. & Bruhn, A., 2014, In : Energy Conversion and Management. 87, p. 513-520 8 p.

2.2. Protocol of optimizing growth and energy potential of Ulva sp.

Rasmussen, M. B., Bruhn, A. & Balsby, T. J. S., 2013, Jan 24, 2013.

Bioremediation of reject water from anaerobically digested waste water sludge with macroalgae (Ulva lactuca, Chlorophyta)

Sode, S., Bruhn, A., Balsby, T. J. S., Larsen, M. M., Gotfredsen, A. & Rasmussen, M. B., 2013, In : Bioresource Technology. 146, p. 426-435 10 p.

Nitrous oxide emission from Ulva lactuca incubated in batch cultures is stimulated ny nitrite, nitrate and light.

Albert, K. R., Bruhn, A. & Ambus, P., 2013, In : Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 448, p. 37-45 9 p.

Cultivation of Ulva lactuca with manure for simultaneous bioremediation and biomass production

Møller Nielsen, M., Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Olesen, B., Larsen, M. M. & Møller, H. B., Jan 2012, In : Journal of Applied Phycology. 24, 3, p. 449-458

Kortlægning af biomasse-ressourcer i Danmark, anvendelsen af biomassen i dag og fremtidige biomassepotentialer: Blå biomasse - potentialet i danske farvande

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B., 2012, 8 p.. Dec 05, 2012. (Notat fra DCE - Nationalt Center for Miljø og Energi).

Tang som bæredygtig energikilde

Bruhn, A., Sode, S., Rasmussen, M. B., Bjerre, A-B. & Birr-Pedersen, P., 2012, In : Forskning i Bioenergi. Robust og Bæredygtig Bioenergi, Særnummer, p. 20-21 2 p.

Bioenergy potential of Ulva lactuca: Biomass yield, methane production and combustion

Bruhn, A., Dahl, J., Nielsen, H. B., Nikolaisen, L., Rasmussen, M. B., Markager, S., Olesen, B., Arias, C. & Jensen, P. D., 1 Feb 2011, In : Bioresource Technology. 102, 3, p. 2595-2604

Emiliania huxleyi (Prymnesiophyceae): Nitrogen-metabolism genes and their expression in response to external nitrogen sources

Bruhn, A., LaRoche, J. & Richardson, K., 2010, In : Journal of Phycology. 46, 2, p. 266-277

Den blå biomasse: - potentialet i danske farvande, notat

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Svane, K., 2010, 28 p.. Feb 01, 2010.

Røggas giver over 40% mere søsalat

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B., 2009, In : Forskning i Bioenergi - FIB. 6, 30, p. 6-7

A consistent high primary production and chlorophyll-a maximum in a narrow strait - Effects of hydraulic control.

Lund-Hansen, L. C., Nielsen, M. H., Bruhn, A., Christiansen, C., Vang, T., Casado-Amezua, P., Richardson, K., Santaloria, L. & Nielsen, M. H., 2008, In : Journal of Marine Systems. 74, p. 395-405

Den blå biomasse

Jensen, P. D. & Bruhn, A., 2008, In : Aktuel Naturvidenskab. 6, p. 12-14 3 p.

Havets græsmark vokser ujævnt: - om strøm og algevækst i Lillebælt

Lund-Hansen, L. C., Richardson, K., Bruhn, A. & Nielsen, M. H., 2005, In : Aktuel Naturvidenskab. 3, p. 5-8


Alger i moderne landbrug

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


Alger til biogas i Region Midtjylland

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Møller, H. B.


BioWalk4Biofuel: BioWaste and AlgaeKnowledge for production of second generation biofuel

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


Blue Growth på AU

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Larsen, M. M., Thomsen, M., Lundsteen, S. & Hansen, J. L. S.



Bruhn, A.

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CBIO: CBIO - Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy

Jørgensen, U., Thomsen, M., Bruhn, A., Glasius, M., Jensen, S. K., Ottosen, L. D. M., Dalsgaard, T. K. & Andersen, M. S.

01/05/2017 → …

Circular Economy

Thomsen, M., Klinglmair, M., Caro, D. & Bruhn, A.


De lokale dyder

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Larsen, M. M.


Dyrkning og forarbejdning af nordisk tang til fødevarer

Rasmussen, M. B. & Bruhn, A.


EcoMacro: Ecosystem Effects of large-scale cultivation of Macroalgae

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Nielsen, M. H., Krause-Jensen, D., Stæhr, P. A., Pedersen, M. F., Boderskov, T., Upadhyay, S., Gerlich, K. L., Schmedes, P. S., Forbord, S. & Mattson, S.



Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Larsen, M. M.


From seaweed waste to plant biostimulant

Petersen, K. K., Hyldgaard, B., Jorgensen, T. H., Rasmussen, M. B., Boderskov, T., Bruhn, A. & Glasius, M.


Havtang til efterpolering af spildevand

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


Kommerciel dyrkning af carrageentang i danske farvande

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Olesen, B. & Arias, C. A.



Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


MAB4: Makroalgae bioraffinering til højværdiprodukter

Bruhn, A., Thomsen, M. & Rasmussen, M. B.


Makroalger som primær biomassekilde til produktion af biobrændstof

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Olesen, B. & Møller, H. B.


Nordisk tang som teknisk ingrediens i gastronomi - salt/sukker, farve, gelering, konservering og smag

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


NIGE: Nye Ingredienser og Grøn Energi - med bæredygtig oprensningsteknologi

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.



Bruhn, A.

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Production of Energy from Marine Biomass - Ulva lactuca

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.


Tang på tallerkenen!

Bruhn, A. & Rasmussen, M. B.



Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Thomsen, M.


MAB3: The MacroAlgaeBiorefinery – sustainable production of 3G bioenergy carriers and high value aquatic fish feed from macroalgae.

Thomsen, M., Seghetta, M., Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B. & Hasler, B.


MAB3: The MacroAlge Biorefinery

Bruhn, A., Rasmussen, M. B., Møller Nielsen, M. & Krause-Jensen, D.


Undersøgelse af potentiale for anvendelse af makroalger til produktion af bioethanol

Markager, S., Rasmussen, M. B., Bruhn, A. & Ravn, H. W.


ØKOTANG: Økologisk Sukkertang - industriel produktion af en ny dansk ressource

Boderskov, T. & Bruhn, A.