Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen

!!Eksten underviser

Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen

!!Eksten underviser

  • Department of Public Health - Klinisk Socialmedicin og Rehabilitering
Postal address:
P.P.Ørums Gade 11
Aarhus C


Curriculum Vitae

March 1st 2016

Year of birth: 1959


Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen


Institute of Public Health, Section of Clinical Social Medicine and Rehabilitation, Aarhus University  

Postal address:


P. P. Ørums Gade 11, 1B

8000 Aarhus C



mobil: +45 3081 8289

telephone: +4578414418

Present positions

2010 Senior researcher, Public Health and Quality Improvement, Central Denmark Region


2009 PhD in Medicine, Institue of Health, Aarhus University

Doctoral dissertation: Therapies for improving walking distance in intermittent claudication.

2000 Master of Public Health, Copenhagen University,
MPH-thesis: Momsen AH, Musculoskeletal disorder and computer work - muscular function in women with and without complaints in arm and hand.
1993 Merkonom in organisation, Niels Brock, Copenhagen 
1986 Fysioterapeut, Ergo- og Fysioterapeutskolen, Aarhus
Nuværende beskæftigelse 
2010- Forsker, CFK- Folkesundhed og kvalitetsudvikling, Koncern Kvalitet, Region Midtjylland
2011- Underviser, VIA University College, Ergoterapeut- og Fysioterapeut-uddannelsen, Aarhus
2013- Vejleder, underviser, censor, Institut for Folkesundhed, Klinisk Socialmedicin og Rehabilitering, Aarhus Universitet
2012- Censor, Folkesundhedsvidenskab, Syddansk Universitet
2008- Censor, Fysioterapeutuddannelsen, Kandidatuddannelse i Fysioterapi Syddansk Univesitet

Previous experience in directing research


Membership of commitees



Textbook chapters


Popular articles 


Diabetes prevention interventions for women after gestational diabetes mellitus: an overview of reviews

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Educational attainment and work disability in cancer survivors: Do diagnosis and comorbidity affect this association?

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Population differences in health-related quality of life between cancer survivors and controls: Does low educational attainment widen the gap?

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Reintegrating employees undergoing cancer treatment into the workplace: a qualitative study of employer and co-worker perspectives

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Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Reliability and Validity of the Danish Version of the Readiness for Return to Work Instrument

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eHealth interventions to facilitate work participation: a scoping review protocol

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Systematic Review of interventions targeting sickness absence among pregnant women in healthcare settings and workplaces

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Cross-cultural adaptation of the Work Role Functioning Questionnaire 2.0 to Norwegian and Danish

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Return-to-work intervention during cancer treatment - The providers' experiences

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Screening instruments for predicting return to work in long-term sickness absence

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Effectiveness of expanded cardiac rehabilitation in patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease: a systematic review protocol

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Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Danish version of the 19-item return-to-work self-efficacy (RTWSE-19) questionnaire

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Work participation and health-related characteristics of sickness absence beneficiaries with multiple somatic symptoms

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Vest GDM: Vest-GDM tværsektoriel indsats for kvinder med tidligere GDM og deres familier

Lynggaard, V., Bo, A., Maindal, H. T., Sandbæk, A., Momsen, A. H., Ørtenblad, L. & Nielsen, C. V.