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Anne Henriksen

PhD Student

Anne Henriksen


AI development practice & governance of critical infrastrcuture


Under the PhD programme for ICT, I am studying AI development practice and the governance of AI information systems in healthcare. I am interested in undertanding (1) how AI is designed and developed to work as a mainstay of key sectors in society in the case of healthcare, and (2) how different soft and hard policies are able/unable to govern AI in practice, for instance national and international standards.

I conduct my research from a socially perspective, employing theory from STS (Science Technology Society). Methodologically, I draw on document analysis, ethnography, and interviews and focus on work practices and processes to provide a practical perspective on the current debate and discussions taking place in politics, academia, and society at large.


Keywords: Automated Decision-Making, Knowledge Production, Reliability, Accountability-Transparancy-Explainability, Experimentation, (Corporate) Social Sustainability.




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