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Annabeth Aagaard

Associate professor, PhD, Associate Professor

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Annabeth Aagaard

Associate Professor

  • Department of Business Development and Technology
Postal address:
Birk Centerpark 15
8001, Innovatorium, DBD



Employment Record

• Associate Professor, Aarhus University, 2015-
• Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark 2009-2015
• CEO, KnowledgeHouse/Den Vidende Virksomhed, 2003-
• Team Manager, LEGO, 2001-2003
• Project Manager, Telenor, 2001-2001
• Marketing Project Manager, Merkantildata/Ementor, 1998-2001
• Project Manager, SICEF, 1998-1999
• Project Manager, Tele-Mark Analysis, 1995-1998


•PhD in Front End Innovation from Aalborg University & Lundbeck A/S (2009)•MsC in
  marketing Management from Aarhus School of Business/Aarhus University (2000)
•Bachelor in Business Administration, Aarhus School of Business/Aarhus University (1997)

Research areas

• Business Model Innovation
• Strategic Development
• Strategic Management
• Innovation Management
• Sustainable Innovation
• Sustainable Business
• Sustainable Business Models
• IoT/Data-driven business models

Most recent publications

•Aagaard, A. (2017). Facilitating radical front-end innovation through targeted HR practices:
  A  case study of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Journal of Product Innovation
  Management, Volume 34, Issue 4, 427–449.

•Lodsgård, L. & Aagaard, A. (2017). Supporting CSR and value creation across company functions through business-NGO-collaborations. Scandinavian Journal of Management (Accepted for publication May 17th, 2017).

•Aagaard, A. (2017). Sustainable Business Models - Innovation, Implementation and Measurement. Palgrave/MacMillan (in progress)

Teaching Areas

• Business Model Innovation
• Innovation Management
• Strategic development
• Entrepreneurship
• Knowledge Management

Teaching portfolio

2015- Aarhus University:

•MsC in International Business Development (program responsible)
•MsC in Innovation Management (course responsible)•MsC Business Innovation &
  Entrepreneurship (course responsible)

2009-2015 SDU, ILV:
•BsC in Entrepreneurskab (course responsible)•MsC in International Innovation Management
  (course responsible)
•MBA in CSR •MsC CSR integration (course responsible)2008 AAU:•External lecturer at
  Aalborg University in Ideation and Innovation Management

1998-2006 ASB:

•External lecturer at Aarhus University in Knowledge management

2003-  Den Vidende Virksomhed

•Public speaker, strategy & management workshops and seminar leader working with over
   top 100 Scandinavian companies


•Blended learning in teaching, University of Southern Denmark, 2015
•University pedagogy for assistant professors, University of Southern Denmark 2012-2013
•Stanford University, PhD visiting stay at Scancor (1.4-1.9.2007)
•PhD course: Introduction to Research designs in organisation and management (Aarhus
•PhD course: Interviewing: How to plan for, execute and analyse series of research
  interviews (Aarhus University)
•PhD course: Classic Organization Theory (ASB, W. Richard Scott, Stanford University)
•PhD course: Designing Social Learning Systems in a Globalized World (Aalborg University)
•Strategic Educational Planning, Technologic Institute
•PhD course: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Aarhus University)
•PhD course: Writing and reviewing scientific papers (Aalborg University)
•Idea tool training intro & advanced, Idea House, University of Southern Denmark