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Anna Christine Dorf

PhD student, PhD Fellow, PhD Student

Anna Christine Dorf


My PhD project revolves around an apparent conflict between the two values of cost-effectiveness (spending resources where they do the most good) and non-discriminating (avoiding adverse differential treatment of certain protected groups) in health care rationing. Is it, for instance, justifiable not to offer a certain medical treatment to disabled or elderly because they can expect to benefit less from treatment than able or young? How should this apparent conflict be solved or managed, and what are the institutional implications for the Danish context?

The PhD project is part of the broader project Cost-Effectiveness and Non-Discrimination in Health Care: Must we Choose? The project is mainly theoretical, located within the field of normative or analytical political theory. It does, however, include an empirical study of the health care rationing process of the Danish Medicines Council.

ID: 172062840